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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • Apollo Moonshot
  • Pizzagate – child sex-trafficking 
  • Hunter Biden plea deal
  • Putin donates millions in grain to starving African countries 
  • Sam Bankman-Fried gets off w/ no jail time
  • Trump has new charges added as of last night
36m Radio Crossed with Podcasting

  • YouTube and Podcasters have ruined radio.
  • If you want your podcast to excel you can buy your way to the top, by sheer brute force of numbers rise to the top all of them are owned by MSM, the BIG GUYS.

Top iTunes Podcasts:

Don Bongimino

Matt Walsh

Mark Levin

Laura Ingram 

  • NOTE the top 8 are owned by MSM bigs.
  • The rank isn’t reliant on how many people that are listening to it.
  • The thing they say that makes podcasts rise in the rankings is REVIEWS!
  • It prizes the rankings OVER the amount and length of listening.
  • Most children have never actually heard an analog, a real actual substrate, recording. 
HEADLINE: The ‘Laptop Class’ Fetish For Manual Labor Is An Attempt To Justify Privilege by Hannah Spier 

  • The ‘laptop class’ maintains a mental barricade separating them from those responsible for the actual infrastructure of our world.
50m HEADLINE: Former ABC News journalist pleads guilty to child pornography charges by Associated Press 

  • James Gordon Meek, 53, of Arlington, Virginia, admitted in U.S. District Court in Alexandria that he illegally possessed and transported child pornography. He covered national security issues for the network until he resigned last year.
  • Meek admitted he used an iPhone to exchange child pornography, including a video showing the sexual abuse of an infant, during a chat session with two other individuals.
  • FBI affidavit indicates that agents founds dozens of child pornography images and videos when they searched Meek’s home last year, going back to at least 2014.
  • Meek will be sentenced in September and faces up to 40 years in prison, though a maximum sentence is unlikely. One of the charges carries a five-year mandatory minimum. 
  • These people CANNOT be reformed and we should start treating them as such!

Liz Crokin Twitter Thread: ABC’s James Gordon Meek is not the first journalist who has debunked, mocked or lied about Pizzagate who has been arrested for pedophilia. Meet journalist Peter Bright AKA Dr. Pizza! Read what he had to say about Pizzagate in 2018.Fast forward to 2020, he was convicted for attempting to have sex with a 7 and 9-year-old and admitted to molesting an 11-year-old. Mark my words now, there will be more so-called journalists arrested for child sex crimes who “debunked” Pizzagate.  Go back to my feed now and read my next tweet.

  • UFO’s and the Apollo Moonshot is not something we should be worried about.
  • What we should be worried about is Pizzagate!
  • Dr Taylor Marshall was discussing the Apollo moon landing the other day – I posted my newest sub stack about it. 
  • As per my rant earlier – you could not transmit kiddie porn like you can now.
  • The internet has made the transference of child abuse easy. 
President Donald Trump and Sam Bankman-Fried

  • Hunter Biden is getting off w/ a slap on the wrist.
  • Sam Bankman-Fried is getting off with just a slap on the wrist.
  • But Donald Trump has NEW charges for ‘texting his maintenance man to erase the video tapes w/ a shhh emoji?
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HEADLINE: The ‘Laptop Class’ Fetish For Manual Labor Is An Attempt To Justify Privilege by Hannah Spier 

  • I told them how the women I treated for depression and insomnia after years of working double shifts or sometimes two jobs in service industries or retail saw an immediate improvement with sick leave because what they really longed for was serving their families, not customers. The chasing of property prices in the cities, the high cost of living, and their husbands’ low salaries had robbed these women of that choice. Policies like universal childcare would not necessarily resolve the depression and insomnia.
  • TKD explains their replies – 
  • It is such a condescending thing to say, I’m left wondering if this indeed has become the Capitol in The Hunger Games.
  • Go try and find someone that knows how to weld something!
  • So who is going to ‘build’ these things?
  • There are people running around that know how to blast people w/ phasers in these shows but they don’t know how to use a hammer.
  • Is anyone thinking about how we have lost an entire generation, t hat will probably never hear music being generated on analog instruments and transmitted directly to their ears?
  • While welders endure extremely uncomfortable physical positions and lift heavy metal objects, construction laborers receive the most injuries, and fishermen suffer the most fatalities, the laptop class will focus on the rough life of corporate women. How can they still believe these men all whistle while they work?
  • It’s as if this whole class of people are wearing 3D virtual reality goggles broadcasting a completely different show than the one the rest of us are watching. And they maintain the barricade mentally separating them from those responsible for the actual infrastructure of our world.
  • Who’s gonna get the water to run if everyone starts YouTube channels?
  • Who is gonna’ fix all the pipes in people’s homes if we all signup for laptop jobs?
  • The actual doing of things is not the same as the talking about.
  • Go out and do something today.
  • Grocery store – plastic bags
  • How did we get here?
  • Birth is also important to the laptop class because it’s at birth that you are assigned various layers of oppression, or assigned parents who pass those oppressive identities down to you. Namely, sex, identity, ethnicity, and non-Judeo-Christian religions. Those characteristics are outside of your control; if you were born without the features that the prevailing narrative teaches are disadvantages, life should be just fine. When longshore fishermen are dying, it’s due to their passion for their chosen career path.
  • Acknowledging the reality that manual labor is often a necessity rather than a choice would force the laptop class to confront their own privilege. This realization conflicts with their victimhood narrative and challenges the notion that their preferred policies benefit the underprivileged. Since you psychologically can’t be both entitled and victim simultaneously, the guilt arising must be repressed by denial of the fact. “They love those jobs! They do them out of interest — who are we to deny them?” They even pass it on to their kids as a special family tradition. It eases the divorce between discrimination and actual suffering.
  • The TV Dirty Jobs – 
  • The memorial to all the men that have lost their lives at sea. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Dianne FeinsteinIs told to ‘just say aye’ at vote on the defense appropriations bill.

AUDIO/VIDEO: AUNT Bethany Clip from Christmas VacationWhy don’t you go in and say hello to everybody? I should go say hello? Hello everybody!

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi thanks Adam SchiffLet me applaud you, uh, Adam Schiff, whose name is synonymous w/ courage, w/ patriotism, w/ restoring the faith of the American people in our government. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Rep Nancy Mace at a PRAYER breakfastWhen I woke up at 7, Patrick, my finance, tried to pull me over by my waist and I said, no honey I don’t have time for that. He can wait I will see him later tonight. 

2h29m AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing

Jerrold Nadler – What are the benefits of receiving ‘gender affirming care’?

Mr Minter (democrat witness) – They’re enormous! Any depression, anxiety, suicidality is drastically reduced.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing (VIEWER DISCRETION is advised)

Mr Johnson from LA : Opening Statement – He plays a clip where a ‘queer surgeon’ boasts about performing irreversible experiments on young people to surgically modify their genitals. 

Father Wolfe Sermon – 
2h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing (what would happen if we affirm all whims of children)

Rep Wesley Hunt – I want you to imagine something: what would happen if we affirmed every thought that our children have? Shows a food pyramid of ice cream only.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing (my daughters will not change near men)

Rep Wesley Hunt – I can assure you that my four year old and my two year old daughters will not change in front of biological men. This is ridiculous!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing (putting up barriers in women’s locker rooms)

Rep Cohen – Maybe putting up some type of barriers int he women’s area/locker room but this is an easy way to deal w/ this. This is a minority group that is misunderstood in our country.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Hearing (rebuttal to putting up barriers in women’s locker room)

Ms Scanlan (witness) – I think by Mr Cohen admitting we need barriers acknowledges there are biological differences b/w men and women. Why can’t we just use the locker rooms we’ve always used? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden (combating climate change and heat)We also have a number of programs from allowing people to get the help to literally paint their roofs white and change their windows and doors so the a/c doesn’t escape.

  • The time since we started recording temperatures is what they have to go by. 
  • Not farther back when it was actually hotter. 
  • The Earth goes through cooling and heating cycles.
  • We are now in an El Nino wind pattern.
  • Believe it or not what happens in the Pacific Ocean makes its way toward us.
3h06m HEADLINE: Eventbrite Nukes Events Promoting Protection Of Kids As ‘Hateful’ And ‘Dangerous’ by Olivia Hajicek 
HEADLINE: ‘Depart Haiti’ Now: State Department’s Dire Warning to Americans by Caden Pearson 
HEADLINE: Get Out of the Cave and Enter the Real World by Kennedy Hall 



Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

Farmer Brian K from Texas  

HEADLINE: IngredientWerks produces “Meaty Corn,” proving it can significantly reduce the high-cost of key alternative protein ingredients, with a carbon-neutral footprint, at industrial scale by Ingredient Werks 

  • Do not believe they can target things that well to inject and make this creation.
  • They have already proven that unintended consequences. 
  • Molecular farming company unlocking the vast potential of plants to produce animal proteins for human health and nutrition, announced today it has achieved a major milestone for the alternative protein industry by producing a proprietary corn expressing high levels of bovine myoglobin. As a high-value heme protein and key animal replacement ingredient, bovine myoglobin is used to mimic the taste, texture and aroma of meat in alternative protein applications. Using corn as a “manufactory” for the production of high value proteins like its “Meaty Corn,” IngredientWerks leverages the immense capacity of the US agricultural cultivation and processing infrastructure to produce these valuable proteins at industrial scale, with a carbon neutral footprint, and at a fraction of the cost to produce the majority of these alternative animal proteins today.
  • “This achievement is to the alternative protein industry as is the advancement in lithium-ion battery technology to the electric vehicle market – an engine that creates quality, affordable, and sustainable value and helps drives consumer adoption,” said Matt Plavan, CEO of IngredientWerks. “By reaching these expressions levels of myoglobin in corn, we believe we’ve solved for three of the greatest challenges facing the alternative protein markets today – the production of high-quality, low-cost animal proteins at scale.”
  • What are the ramifications to our bugs?
  • What are the ramifications to their surroundings?
  • Myoglobin is a protein that’s found in your striated muscles, which includes skeletal muscles (the muscles attached to your bones and tendons) and heart muscles. Its main function is to supply oxygen to the cells in your muscles (myocytes).
  • All the photographs in this article show this being done in a covered, controlled structure. 
  • Sugar Cane – 
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