S8 E1713-The Success Of Barbenheimer Says A Lot About Muricans

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The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • Watched the Robin Hood from 1991 w/ Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman
  • Barbie movie
  • The Sound of Freedom
  • Saint Joan de Arc – 1948 version w/ Ingrid Bergman 
43m HEADLINE: ‘Barbie’ Largely Praised For Feminist Themes—But Draws Anger From The Anti-Woke by Conor Murray 

  • So our daughter #2 went on opening weekend to see the Barbie movie.
  • She came back w/ rave reviews about it.
  • I raised her to be quite conservative so what went wrong?
  • Why are all these seemingly smart young women falling all over this movie?
Oppenheimer Movie

  • Let’s take a look at this movie that just hit the box office too.
  • Why would this movie come in 2nd to the Barbie movie?
  • This movie stars Cillian Murphy.
  • Does your average American have an understanding of the A-Bomb?

HEADLINE: Is ‘Oppenheimer’ Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie? Here’s How It Ranks by Paul Tassi 

  • The main one is that Chris Nolan has never made a truly bad move. Every single one on both lists is about the 60 “positive” threshold. Generally speaking, audiences like Nolan movies just a little more than critics. Every Metacritic score is higher except Dunkirk. 10 out of 12 movies on Rotten Tomatoes are either higher with audiences or tied. But often they’re very close.
  • So, you can make the argument that Oppenheimer might be Nolan’s best movie based on the “objective” charts here. But again, it’s really up to you. I’m still going with Memento, personally, but it was definitely great, and one of his best.
  • Is Tom Cruise the last American Alpha Male outside of Donald Trump left standing?
HEADLINE: ‘Barbenheimer’ Delivers Blowout Weekend at the Box Office by Robbie Whelan and Erich Schwartzel 
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HEADLINE: Revelations About Biden’s $10 Million Ukraine Bribery Scheme Warrant Impeachment by John Daniel Davidson 

  • I told you this in December of 2019.
  • I did the Ukrainegate documentary.
  • Why was Ukrainegate a thing?
  • The Biden’s were told that Ukraine is ripe for money laundering. 
  • The Obama’s knew about it.
  • Ukraine is RESOURCE rich. 
  • The Big Guy – when he is VP is when all of this is in motion and happening in real time.
  • Since 1972 – Joe Biden has always been corrupt. 
  • He has always sold access to the government and it’s knowledge.
  • He has been in office since then and has fixed NOTHING!
  • The Russians took a heightened interest in Ukraine – if you are Putin you have a vested interest in knowing where American power is centered in your neighborhood.

HEADLINE: Daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugin killed by car bomb in Moscow by Andrew Roth and Martin Farrer 

  • Why are the people in Ukraine so poor if their country is so rich in resources? 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Gov Jay Inslee of Washington on Climate ChangeThe climate change beast is here, it is at our door. We knew this beast of climate change was coming for us. The Earth is screaming at us. This is the time of consequences. 

  • I’m gonna’ need someone to draw me a picture of what this Climate Change Monster looks like.
  • It sounds super scary and something we need to all be on the lookout for.
  • How does this guy…get to an elected office? 
1h38m HEADLINE: Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change? by Sammy Roth 

  • I’m going to make a very serious point here – we are right back in the world where Joe vs Volcano. 
  • What he is basically saying is their is a Climate god, it’s angry at us, there is an Earth god and they are both angry at us!
  • QUESTION: So what can we do?
  • ANSWER: We must murder more babies.

HEADLINE: Forecast: Massive Increase In “Climate Change” Propaganda On Its Way by William Briggs 

  • Propagandists are not chosen for their intelligence. That is to say, propaganda spokesmen and spokeswomen are not that bright. They will read whatever is given to them in complete sincerity and conviction. They can be most convincing. Three years of coroandoom panic should have convinced you of that. Propaganda works, and works well, which is why it is used, and guarantees it will continue to be used.
HEADLINE: The Path of Wisdom: The Road Not Taken by Joseph Pearce 

QUESTION: If the climate alarmist got everything they wanted, what would the planet look like exactly?

  • 8.5 billion people dead.
  • 400 million that remain will grow the food, fix the toilets etc for the elites that were chosen by the climate gods.
  • Will you be allowed to procreate after the culling?
  • Will there be any beauty still remaining? 
  • They know that what will be will be very similar to what has been. They know that the future will stink as the past has stunk. They know that sin will stain the future, as it stains the present and has stained the past. They also know that virtue will be the candle which enlightens the future, as it was the candle which enlightened the past and enlightens the present. They are not on the so-called “left” or the so-called “right” because they are convinced that humanity is neither progressing nor regressing but merely playing its part in a story—His Story which we call history, in which the same lessons are taught (and sometimes even learned) like motifs in a great symphony of meaning. They know that the roses of wisdom are good to see, true to the touch, and have a beautiful scent, but they also know that they can only be reached on a path of thorns. They know, indeed, that the garland of roses is inseparable from the crown of thorns. 
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Jason Aldean 

  • If you are offended by Jason Aldean, let me introduce you to David Allan Coe.
  • I mean his song isn’t even country.
  • The music video reminds me of Bon Jovi w/ a cowboy hat.
  • The average country boy doesn’t know how to run a trot line.
  • Most people don’t even know what a trot line is these days.
2h39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on China dumping products into the USThis is the most dangerous time in the history of our country b/c of weaponry. This isn’t 2 army tanks going after each other. This is obliteration and we have a man that doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

  • The point he makes here is pretty profound here.
  • The Biden administration told the whole world we are OUT OF AMMO!
  • Shouldn’t this be a closely guarded situation? 
  • We should be keeping this close to the vest right?
  • Why would you tell the Russians the EXACT caliber of ammunitions you have given the Ukrainian people?
  • Wouldn’t all of this be better if it was kept secret?
AUDIO/VIDEO: Disney’s new Snow White actress Rachel ZeglerWe are bringing a modern edge to it, it is no longer 1937. She is not going to be saved by a prince and she is dreaming about what kind of leader she can become. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Disney’s Snow White new woke version Gal GadotYou know the one we have is really outdated. This one is much more proactive, she isn’t gonna’ be saved by the prince she is going to get her own agent.  

3h01m HEADLINE: Androids and Electric Sheep by Frank Wright 

  • There is one major problem w/ Erica Marsh, she simply doesn’t exist. 
  • The strange case of Erica Marsh begins with a manufactured outrage. Her story is a moral tale for our time, being a credible fiction masking incredible facts, showing the pride and prejudice of an establishment of evil.
  • Now let’s look at Michael Zachrau –
  • He is supposed to be a German.
  • Zachrau – is a “prompt engineer” – which means he specializes in phrasing input to maximize the potential output of language model artificial intelligence.
  • His line of work has been described as “Social selling” – a means of shaping social attitudes to “sell” a particular concept or idea.
  • Erin Holmes Tweet – Whether this is political interference or a broader network of financial fraud requires additional investigation but the Erica Marsh to Panama Papers pipeline is really something. The energy industry is ripe w/ fraud.
  • The making of belief is another technique, constantly refined, to produce a standard result. It is a model which seeks to profit from the manufacture of enormous loss – of God, of sanity, of society and its order. It is financed and advanced by the world’s richest, whose aim is the permanent exclusion of the popular voice from political power.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on CNN discussing Joe BidenHe is a person of such knowledge, such vision for the country, such knowledge of the issues, such strategic thinking and on top of it all a person who connects w/ the American people. 















Author Dan Schneider PhD

Book – The Liber Christo Method: A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat

  • We formed a team at my local diocese 10 years ago.
  • How a person progresses in demonic possession. 
  • Everything the devil does is an inversion. 
  • I’m watching these cases and watch as the Priest lays the stole on the neck of the afflicted person – you get a huge bodily reaction. 
  • Restoring order in the home – who is designed by natural law to be FIRST CONTACT w/ the enemy – it is the man.
  • The devil has to neutralize the man.
  • Neutralizing the man gives unfettered access to the woman.
  • These young Catholic men smoke cigars, they all have the big beards, they drink bourbon but can they take a punch? 
  • Are they truly masculine? 
  • Chapter Two – renunciation of evil things 
  • This will be the hangup for most men.
  • You may not perceive them as being evil but they have the tendency to lean toward the evil.
  • The average Catholic home, the sexual practices would make a Pagan blush. 
  • We are dealing w/ an apex predator.
  • Any inconsistencies that we allow in our home open us up to this.
  • We need to live for God.
  • We need freedom for and freedom from.
  • Freedom for God and Freedom From the devil.
  • Kyle Clement 
  • Driving the cattle in – the cowboys are smoking and joking then you see the cow move out of the line, as soon as that move it made the cowboys stop what they are doing and beat the cow back into submission.
  • You want to start from the beginning, don’t skip around.
  • There is always a temptation – to subvert the ordinary means of sanctification. 
  • Trick Plays – smash mouth Catholicism 
  • The demons don’t like order, when you have a prayer life that is rooted in order and schedules, the demons hate that.
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    S8 E1713-The Success Of Barbenheimer Says A Lot About Muricans Mike Church

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