S8 E1709-Is This Woman’s Army A Baby Killing Oasis

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  • Women in the military
  • Abortion is now essential to our military dominance
  • Ukraine/Russia War updates
  • Michael Hichborn and the Lepanto Institute
  • Saint Joan of Arc
  • Donald Trump – January 6th 



























Women in the US Military

  • 1 in 5 active duty in the US Military are women.
  • We can’t even get men to sign up to fight for their country.
  • Why are that many women in active duty?
  • Using history as my guide, these are the situations that start revolutions and military coups.
  • Where are the strong men that know and think in military fashion?
  • Why are they allowing these woke people to run our military?
  • Why do we have men running around in dresses barking orders out to our men and women in uniform?
  • Does a military that has men that dress as women and think they have periods strike fear into the hearts of other nations? 
  • You don’t just pull some woman off the street and think you can win battles.
  • Transgender people have mental illness already and we want them to plan battles?
  • QUESTION: What is TRUTH?
  • ANSWER: Truth = Conformity of the mind to reality
  • We are living in a time where we make our own reality.
  • We live in a time where we can become another ‘sex’. 
  • Did you know that more than half of the children that leave high school are on at least ONE pharmaceutical drug?
  • Many of them to treat mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.
  • The Biden Regime has moved the murder of the soon to be born into the US Armed Forces.
  • So we have gone from people joining the military for higher education reasons to now young women joining so they can get abortions on the military bases. 

HEADLINE: Senate Republicans Have A Choice: Back Tuberville Or Fail A Majority Of Americans On Abortion Again by Jordan Boyd

  • If you are just counting states that have laws on the books post Dobbs, that at some level restrict murder of the soon to be born is now at 28 states.
  • It is in excess of a simple majority. 
  • So if ‘majority rules’ why are we even discussing this?
  • Now are these young women pregnant upon signing up or do they become pregnant AFTER they enlist?
  • Why are the number of women rising in the US Military?
  • Will women be a detomrant in other countries wanting to kill our soldiers?
  • We have to remember the Taliban put their own women and children IN FRONT of them for protection.
  • The states should become nations once again.
  • If that is too big then break it into 3 nations if necessary. 
  • The only other way to “make his point” would be if GOP leadership in the Senate find a way to bypass the Democrat majority to pass the National Defense Authorization Act with a ban on the taxpayer-funded abortion Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has pledged to continue offering to service members and their families.
  • BY DEFINITION they aren’t making families if you are offering ABORTIONS to all the women.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Colonel Mark Wooten of the USAF Civil Air Patrol – says the only guidance he puts out there for (them) is to “stop hiring middle aged white people…especially dudes.”

  • There’s no doubt that the Biden administration’s recent actions when it comes to the military are horrific, unpopular, and exacerbating the nation’s recruitment and readiness crisis. As Sen. Mike Lee explained in a Twitter thread over the weekend, Biden’s DOD is more willing to pay to end life in the womb than to subsidize bereavement for service members or continue writing paychecks to the families of service members imprisoned overseas. 
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1h33m US Military

  • This isn’t going to last very long by the way.
  • The history books are filled w/ situations like the ones we find ourselves in now.

HEADLINE: We Need to Discuss Just War Theory by John M. Grondelski

  • Just war theory is under attack.  There have always been people in the Vatican espousing practical pacifism, but in recent years Pope Francis also regularly takes snipes at just war theory.  Given his “style,” it’s difficult to determine if they are just ad hoc remarks or part of a more intentional program.  In any case, they are wrongheaded.
  • Why isn’t the Pope out there daily discussing what his happening in Ukraine?
  • Did you know that in Ukraine they are enlisting pregnant women b/c they are running out of viable men to fight the Russians?
  • It’s critical to emphasize the self-defense aspect of just war theory because the right to self-defense is inalienable. No one has the right to demand a victim submit to enslavement or even extermination to “keep the peace.”  Nobody can take away that right.  I stress that because – pace some Catholics who embrace a bizarre version of contemporary ultramontanism – even the pope cannot do away with just war principles by changing the Catechism. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing on Abortion Access in the Military 

John Kirby – We wanna’ keep the people we get and we want to make sure they can continue to serve. It has an extreme impact on our recruiting. Not to mention it is the right darn thing to do to those that raise their hand and agree to serve. 

  • The fake diversity of putting women into harms way and if that means we have to pay to murder their soon to be born babies to do so…we are willing to do that.
  • Diversity is not killing babies.
  • That is evil.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing on DOD new policy on abortion

John Kirby – 1 in 5 of the US Military are Women. They should be able to count on the type of healthcare they need to continue to serve this country. When you sign up, you have every right to expect we will take care of you and your family. It is our foundational sacred obligation.

  • John you are making some seriously sketchy comments here.
  • It is very well known that BLACK men have served in every American war!
  • To imply that the military has never been diverse is a slap in the face to all black people that have ever served in the military.
  • If we need women, the sex that brings life into the world, what does that say about the country they are defending?
  • There is no shortage of evidence Just War Theory is NOT being taught to young cadets.
HEADLINE: US Military: White Males Need Not Apply by Rod Dreher

  • Why would a white person, especially a white male, join the service when he has every reason to believe that he will be at a disadvantage when it comes to promotions because of the color of his skin, and his sex? That no matter how smart he is, and how well he performs, he will not be able to go as far as his talent and hard work might otherwise take him, because he is white, and because he is male? Some might want to serve so badly that they would be willing to do so under those conditions, but could you really blame young white men who are not willing to do so, especially given that their service potentially means putting their lives on the line? And, given that they are not likely to be asked to kill and die to defend America, but for foolish missions like bringing liberal democracy to peoples who don’t know what it is and don’t want it anyway.
1h52m Caller Tony from IL – 

  • 20 years in the Army and an a recruiter for many years after that.
  • This is controlled demolition. 
  • Destroy anything w/ integrity and honor.
  • There is a percentage of kids that still believe in that OLD integrity.
  • I was a non-commission officer. 
  • Most NCO’s don’t have a college degrees.
  • The reason the US Armed Forces became the envy of everything is b/c we had such a great officer core.
  • It meant something to be a gentleman.


Caller Nancy Brady from FL – 

  • I was in the Navy.
  • Back when I was in the Navy it was called Social Action.
  • Little did I know this is what it would lead to.
  • The military wasn’t a place that promoted morality and virtue.
  • It was party hard then go fight hard.
  • What does it say about a culture and society that has women on the front lines – 
  • Maxwell Air Force Base had a great library – 
  • What it says about a culture when you put women in the front lines – when I was in you were not allowed to serve in combat roles.
  • I think it is now done by design!
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Tom Cotton on the absurdity of the DOD new policy on abortionA man can ask for leave for an abortion and be PAID to leave for a week. A man can ask for leave for his fathers funeral and he is docked pay. That is how absurd this all is.
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Ron DeSantis 

  • The Florida legislature is going to move on this.
  • He called up the reserves if you recall.
  • The Florida State Guard

HEADLINE: Veterans quit DeSantis’ Florida State Guard over militialike training by Lawrence Mower, Emma Rose Brown and Ana Ceballos 



Founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow the Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

The Book of Job – could be turned into a movie but it would be a super depressing movie.

HEADLINE: Your Catholic Week in Review (The Suffering of Job Edition!) by Michael Hichborn 

  • Saint Francis Xavier – baptized over 30,000 people. 
  • Many people say it was closer to 100,000 people.
  • So God permitted the devil to afflict Job with such a terrible disease that his entire body was one massive open wound, from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.  Job was so distraught that he sat upon a dunghill where his own wife told him to “curse God and die,” and where three friends of his reproached him incessantly, demanding that he falsely confess to whatever sin had caused his great suffering. 
  • There are many ways to read the Book of Job, and such depth to it that one could read it a thousand times and glean some new insight each time.  But let us suppose that the Book of Job could be read where Job stands as a type of the Church in Her trials.
  • Consider first the narrative between God and the devil.  The devil is permitted to test Job, but he could not do it without first obtaining God’s permission.  This conversation was echoed in conversation Pope Leo XIII was permitted to overhear, wherein the devil boasted that he could destroy the Church if he had more time and more power.  The devil asked for 75 to 100 years and “more power over those who would give themselves over to me,” and Our Lord granted him both the time and the power.  This was on October 13, 1884, exactly 33 years to the day before the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.
  • The discussion of the HOMOSEXUAL act will shut down each conversation if you describe the sexual act.
  • It isn’t all fun and pretty and colored in rainbows.
  • The vile nature of that act would repulse many humans.
  • No one wants to hear about two men having butt sex.
  • You cannot alter a Sacrament – 
  • They are going to try and do this, but how will they do this?

HEADLINE: Archbishop Hebda Taps Controversial Figure for Synod by Michael Hichborn 

Abp. Hebda – gave his personal recommendation to Cynthia Bailey Manns

“I must help destroy the power structures of patriarchy, clericalism, and absolutism which lead to the exclusion, silence, and repression of certain people and voices in our larger Catholic Church.”  —-  Cynthia Bailey Manns

  • Additional footage from St. Joan of Arc also shows Buddhist monks performing a pagan chant before the Mass for the Second Sunday in Advent, an Earth Day celebration calling the earth “our mother” and declaring that “humans belong to the earth,” and ends in a statement from Manns herself wherein she declares herself to be in a state of “Holy Rebellion,” saying, “It is my strength courage and resistance to destroy the status quo.” 
  • Saint Joan de Arc was noted for her purity, she encouraged regular confession, and she chased away all prostitutes from the fighting men.
  • 1948 film w/ Ingrid Bergman – 
Donald Trump News

Donald Trump Statement: 

  • President Trump announces he has received a letter from the DOJ signaling he will be arrested and indicted for January 6th
  • Yes, the same J6 where national guard troops were rejected by Democrats, where undercover FBI sources and DC PD officers were in the crowds, where Pelosi secretly worked to lower security measures, and where police launched flashbangs and tear gas into the peaceful crowds.
  • The DOJ is now going indict the President who fought against fraudulent elections while they protect the crackhead, Ukrainian bribe family in the White House
  • The Deep State is the greatest threat to the American people and we are sadly reminded today why that is true.
Caller Ashley D from Florida 

  • Twitter Thread: This thought occurred to me the other day…I think there should be an “anti” synod. Why? In the U.S., Christians allowed abortion to exist for 50 years because it was done “legally” through the court system. We knew it was wrong, but yet did nothing. 
  • We know this synod will only produce bad fruit. Why sit back and watch it happen just because it is being done by the people in charge. I’ve learned from @Brother_Andre that councils were started in response to the heresy of the day. 
  • Modernism is today’s heresy. I propose that faithful men of the Church such as @CarloMVigano and @Bishopoftyler call for a council; pick a city and we’ll call it that as in the old days. 
  • We know what needs to be done, let’s not just sit back and watch what we know is wrong take the lead, especially when it comes to the Faith and the Church. To him therefore who knoweth to do good, and doth it not, to him it is sin. James 4: 17

Honorable Edwin Meese III –

3h37m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing on Taxpayer-Funded Gender Reassignment Surgeries

Karine Jean-Pierre – This hurts our ability to recruit and maintain the strongest military force we have the most diverse force we have so it is important we get this done in a bipartisan way.

  • These people that undergo gender-surgery, they are mentally deranged. 
  • How does that make the military ‘ready’ for war?
  • How does that make the military strong?
AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Ron DeSantis on Ukraine – The goal should be we cannot have a quagmire that goes on for years and years. And seeing Biden put those troops there, I can tell you we cannot have American troops in Ukraine. That’s a total nonstarter. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at Turning Point Action 

HEADLINE: Four to Six PM and Friday Afternoons Are a Productivity Dead Zone by Mish Shedlock 

  • Managers have learned not to schedule meetings from 4 to 6 PM and all day Fridays. Few show up. 
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