S8 E1706- FBI Dodges Questions…Again!

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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  • FBI Judiciary Hearing Highlights 
  • Joe Biden and Zelensky at NATO Summit
  • Climate Change Alarmist – we’re all gonna’ die…like really really soon
  • Ray Epps, was he an FBI plant 
14m HEADLINE: Highlights From The House Judiciary Hearing With Christopher Wray by Tristan Justice 

  • Was this testimony yesterday a win for conservatives?
  • Was this just more of the same old same old?
  • Wray should win the Heisman Trophy b/c he did some stiff arming yesterday.
  • There was some great information that came out from this ‘hearing’ though.
  • Remember the Pipe Bomb?
  • Unless I’m mistaken the charter of the FBI has not changed.
  • It is not some superior investigators entity. 
  • So when Wray is asked about Bank of America – there was an email exchange b/w a Bank of America employee and a few FBI agents.
  • They claimed suspicious purchases of firearms. 
  • Rep Thomas Massie did such a great job w/ his questioning. 
  • Why is the FBI throwing out there that the purchase of a firearm is ‘possible criminal activity’?
31m HEADLINE: The Censorship Empire Strikes Back After Missouri v. Biden Free Speech Victory by Aaron Kheriaty 

  • Some of what has been passed around in Q’Anon groups, many of their claims came to the forefront w/ this hearing.
  • They were right about the fake pipe bomber.
  • They were right about Ray Epps.
42m Back to Tristan Justice Article

Richmond Field Office – The Catholic Memo

  • That was signed off on by that field office director.
  • Wray was directly asked about this yesterday. 
  • Rep Jim Jordan did a great job questioning Wray on this topic.
  • QUESTION: The Director of that field office answers to who?
  • ANSWER: Wray
  • This director answers to a regional director and that director answers to Wray.
  • So ultimately Wray is the bossman and it is his responsibility. 
  • Just like Merrick Garland answers to Joe Biden.
  • If Merrick does something either Biden knows about it, authorized it or Merrick went rouge. 
  • When he said “Corporate Partners” even Thomas Massie flenched.
  • What do you need American tax dollars for if you have ‘Corporate Partners’? 
  • This is government for the elites, by the elites the rest of us are just cannon fodder. 
Eric Sammons Twitter: I’m struck by how many Catholics *want* this to be the Great Apostasy and *want* Francis to be an anti-pope – they simply refuse to consider any other alternative. Even if you believe that (which I don’t), don’t revel in it; it should make you want to be in sackcloth and ashes.

  • Once upon a time we had a young man from the TFP, I asked him about praying for the Chastisement to come.
  • I think this is a valid field of inquiry here.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – FBI on the ground January 6th

Rep Issa – How many individuals that were FBI employees were in the January 6th entry of the Capitol?

Wray – I really need to be careful here about were we have or have not used confidential human sources.

ONE QUESTION: Why did the FBI, that is charged w/ investigating wrongdoings of Federal employees, why were they at the Capitol building that day? Why were there undercover agents there?

  • We have to determine why the FBI thinks this is in the scope of what the FBI has authority to do?
  • You are making war w/ your own citizens by doing this type of stuff.



















Mike Parrott host of Parrott Talk

Sydney Powell – security detail called and asked me to show up and set up my camera and live stream the whole January 6th events.

  • Now looking back at that, I said, wow that was a complete and total set-up.
  • They wanted me there.
  • Wells Fargo and Bank of America – they locked out citizens when they filled up their gas tank on are around January 6th.
  • You are on a list if you did not live in the DC area.
  • The FBI has you on their watch list you can guarantee.

HEADLINE: BREAKING UPDATE: Ray Epps’ lawsuit against Fox News reveals he’s being criminally charged by DOJ, 2.5 years after Jan 6 riot by Thomas Stevenson 

Independent Films – start w/ a big business and then hope you can keep a small one operating. 

  • That is the only way to make money as an Independent Film company.
  • The jaws of the distribution machine of Hollywood clinched tighter when this thing was supposed to be released when Pizzagate came out.
  • That is when this movie The Sound of Freedom was originally supposed to come out.
  • The world of mouth advertising this movie is getting is absolutely crazy.
  • Kieran Tapsell – former seminarian, he was scared by some of the things he saw while there. He decided to set out and find out why so many of the clergy are homosexuals.
  • There is a systemic failure – 
  • There is a Freudian Psychology that has invaded Canon Law.
  • Mental Disorder vs Crime 
  • The more victims a Priest accumulates the more likely he gets off and is maintained in the Priesthood. 
  • This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard before. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kieran Tapsell: The Truth About Pedophiles and the Church

  • Brother Andre Marie – It seems to me that most of this is a throwback to Medieval Canon Law, wherein clerics — anyone tonsured and up to Minor and Major Orders  (not only bishops and priests) — could not AT ALL be tried in civil courts. This, keep in mind, is what led to the martyrdom of Saint Thomas a Becket. He refused to allow his clerics to be tried in civil courts since they were only libel to canonical courts. This is why, for certain crimes, priests were “degraded to the lay state,” in a very humiliating and severe ritual — and “handed over to the civil authorities” as a layman to be tried in civil courts. 
  • It appears that what we have now is the worst of both worlds: a dysfunctional canonical system that does not discipline properly, and a refusal to hand over genuine criminal perverts to secular authorities. Clearly, we need to “clean house” and introduce some common sense measures that keep in mind the TRUE common good, which is not served by protective perverts.
  • When a Priest is ordained he is then only to be judged by God and His rule of law.
  • What has happened is Canon Law was changed and it inserted that above.
  • All of this money slushing around is on the backs of our forefathers that were faithful and built these beautiful churches and now these churches are being sold off b/c it is payment for these pedophile Priests. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – on Ray Epps being arrested 

Rep Nehls – If you don’t arrest Mr. Epps, there’s a reason behind it. I believe you know what it is, and it appears to me you are protecting this guy. I strongly recommend you get your house back in order. 

  • Someone like a the old mafia needs to take over the FBI.
  • At least they policed their own right?
  • Ronald Reagan on Federal Government entities – 
  • This Ray Epps guy is now suing Fox News for having slandered his name calling him a Fed.
  • Roger Stone didn’t do anything wrong other than be friends w/ Donald Trump.
  • But what you ask here is similar.
  • He could simply plead the 5th – and not answer any questions at all.
  • Former IRS director – Lois Lerner – she didn’t answer any questions at all, she just pleaded the 5th Amendment to each and every single question. 
  • This is all on John F. Kennedy – 












AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – Pipe Bombs on January 6th

Rep Thomas Massie – We can handle classified information and we fund your department so you need to provide that information. 

Wray – This is a very active ongoing investigation. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – Bank of America

Rep Thomas Massie – The Bank of America w/ no legal process gave to the FBI gun purchases of it’s customers is that true?

Wray – We deal w/ business community all the time about possible criminal activity and it is my understanding that is completely lawful. 

  • How is any of this even lawful when it involves non-federal employees?
  • Side Bar Story – Tombstone Movie – no one had a conversation about the 2nd Amendment.
  • They knew the states regulated who could and where you could use and display weapons.
  • When Bounties are put on certain individuals it is because they are in a territory that the US Marshall’s they are usually the ones that are called to collect the ‘bounty’. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – TLM & Other Catholics 

Rep Jim Jordan – Your FBI wrote a memo about radical Catholics so can you even define it for us? We want to speak to the people that are responsible for this memo. And when can we get a copy of this that isn’t redacted?

Wray – When we finish our internal review we will come back and discuss it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FBI House Judiciary Hearing – the arrest of Mark Houck

Rep Chip Roy – Do you believe the FBI should go to a home of a father in Philadelphia? Your job is to review what your agents do.

Wray – I could not disagree more with your description of the FBI as ’tyrannical’.


Commander John Sharpe 

The Guilded State book – 

Chapter 4 

Economics Law – 

  • We are not talking morals in terms of justice and in-justice we are just talking about the NATURE of things. 
  • You have to be warned against both of these errors – 
  • We currently have usury in every single facet of our lives now.
  • What is rent, interest and subsistence?
  • Internal Combustion Engine, Gunpowder (this wasn’t last year or even last century) and one more I can’t seem to remember.
  • This does not take into account the microchip or the computer aspect we see now.
  • Economic Law vs Moral Law 
  • Moral Law  
  • Economic Law – the nature of things, the nature of man in his physical reality to consume wealth and to have a system for society and it is driven by necessity. 
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    S8 E1706- FBI Dodges Questions…Again! Justin Redman

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