S8 E1700 Real Life Toxic Masculinity.

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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  • Transportation Department gets billions for electric school buses.
  • LSU wins the NCAA Baseball College World Series
  • NYC banning wood fired ovens for pizza joints


College World Series 2023 results: LSU demolishes Florida to claim seventh national championship by Edward Sutelan 

  • The Tigers bounced back from a College World Series rout in Game 2 to post a rout of its own, throttling Florida for an MCWS-record 24 hits en route to a dominant 18-4 victory to claim the seventh national championship in program history. The title breaks a tie with Texas for the second-most College World Series championships for a program. 
  • It was all Tigers from there. LSU racked up six runs in the second inning without tallying anything more than a single, peppering a Florida defense with five singles and capitalizing on three walks and a hit batsman from a wild Caglianone. Two innings later, the Tiger offense was back at it, with Josh Pearson roping a two-run homer to right following a Jordan Thompson RBI single. Cade Beloso added to his impressive series with an RBI single of his own to make it a four-run inning. 
  • CWS Rocco’s Jell-O Shot Competition 
  • 64,808 total shots were purchased for the Tigers.
  • The next closest team was TCU w/ 8,040.
  • ALL proceeds go to a charity of the teams choosing. 
HEADLINE: Mama Mia! NYC rules crack down on coal-, wood-fired pizzerias — must cut carbon emissions up to 75% by Carl Campanile and Kevin Sheehan 

  • If you never had a pizza from a wood fired oven, you aren’t living life right.
  • It is the best pizza ever.
  • So you have already talked about banning gas stoves and now you want to ban burning wood?
  • How will people in NYC eat and keep warm during the winter months?
  • Are you going to ban the burning of all wood?
  • What about the homeless people that start fires in trashcans to keep warm during the winter?
  • How many people do they want to actually kill?
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HEADLINE: Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie by Jordan Boyd 

  • Our children are paying the price for prior generations’ passive acceptance of the LGBT agenda with their innocence.

HEADLINE: 12 Best Nudist Beaches in the U.S. via

  1. Haulover Beach Park, Florida
  2. Little Beach, Hawaii
  3. Baker Beach, California
  4. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
  5. Kehena Beach, Hawaii
  6. Collins Beach, Oregon
  7. Moshup Beach, Massachusetts
  8. Black’s Beach, California 
  9. Playalinda Beach, Florida
  10. Hippie Hollow, Texas
  11. Kauapea Beach, Hawaii
  12. UFO Beach, Texas
  • This whole movement hates God.
  • It is all about doing everything it can to ruin souls.
Fear of God 

  • It’s the 1st commandment folks.
  • We need to get back to fearing offending God.
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Mike Parrott Parody Song Debut – Here’s Your Millstone

Jason Murphy 

The Martyrs Walk 

  • Who’s idea was this?
  • This is a culmination of many years of involvement w/ men’s ministries. 
  • Vocational discernment – 
  • I did a short stent w/ the brothers that create the Abbey Roast coffee you guys have in your store!
  • I spent a few years in discernment w/ SSPX and FSSP. 
  • There wasn’t much out there for men.
  • I was dragged into a Knights of Columbus meeting, I was the youngest one there.
  • We want men to welcome daily martyrdom. 
  • If we can’t conquer these small martyrdoms we face daily then how can we fight the end fight, the big fight?
3h07m AUDIO/VIDEO: HHS Sec Becerra on gender-affirming careWe don’t control how gender-affirming care is provided…but where we have laws that require you to fulfill your obligations if you want that Medicaid dollar to come to your state, we’re going to make sure you check that box. 

  • In the book Coma – Robin Cook shows a plot where the young and healthy are placed into comas and their organs are systematically harvested for others.
  • When people say “my nephew is a vegetable”….he isn’t a vegetable, he has a soul let’s stop saying that.
  • There is nothing Godly and Holy about this.














Frank Wright 

Follow Frank Wright on Twitter – @frankwrighter 

  • I feel I am not dignified enough yet b/c i haven’t glued myself to something. 
  • We must build over England’s green land to preserve Europe. 
  • It is apparently more than the combined population of Liverpool.
  • That is just LEGAL immigration, that isn’t counting the illegal immigrants we also took in.
  • Enlightenment 
  • We can no longer deliver the promises we once gave to our children. 
  • We are approaching animation and not liberation.
  • Why are we cooperating w/ the government any longer?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vladimir Putin on the rebellionThis civil solidarity shows that any kind of blackmail is doomed to failure. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vladimir Putin on the rebellionThe organizers of this rebellion will be brought to justice. This is a criminal activity which is aimed at weakening the country and this was a colossal threat.

  • The British services said this was happen.
  • Many people said where this would lead.
  • There were reports that predicted that the Russian sanctions would hurt Europe.
  • This is precisely what happened.
  • Their messages are never heard b/c the government doesn’t want that information out.
  • You are talking about peoples entire careers are to themselves and their adherence to the main goal.
  • You will never get to Captain or Major if you don’t have the ‘right thought’ and that is the case in the intelligence community.
  • It is fermented to predictable failures b/c of this.
  • Once you turn away from the fact God is the supreme creator, you see what we have today.
  • It is a serpent that is eating it’s own tail.
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    S8 E1700 Real Life Toxic Masculinity. Mike Church

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