S8 E1699- States Can Not Challenge The Regime’s Edicts

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • Russia/Ukraine Conflict
  • Is Putin the bad guy or are we?
  • NYC wages war against wood burning ovens
  • NEW Debut of Sagas, Saints and Smokes w/ host Ryan Grant






















Russia Coup

HEADLINE: Nuclear Falseflag on Zaporozhye NPP Heats Up + Major Wagner Updates and More by Simplicius The Thinker 

  • You can’t use criminals to defend your country.
  • This is what you saw happen here over the weekend.
  • I look for information and then try to vet that information. 
  • All of the Russian officers refused to participate.

HEADLINE: Prigozhin’s Siege Ends – Postmortem Analysis by Simplicius The Thinker 

  • Zelensky has made two separate videos where he plainly states that Russia is preparing a massive terrorist attack at the ZNPP plant “just like they did at the Kakhovka dam”. He goes on to sternly warn the world and charge them with the responsibility to act with utmost severity in response to this upcoming Russian attack. He specifically invokes the threat of radiation crossing the borders into other NATO countries for obvious effect.
  • Now this has to be for Western eyes only.
  • That is one of the 5 republics in the Donbass.
  • Why would the Russians blow up their own stuff?
  • You can’t just go and turn a nuclear plant off.
  • We know this and we know what happens when things aren’t done right at a nuclear plant.
  • As long as you have nuclear rods you will never run out of power.
  • This isn’t like a windmill.
  • There is a containment factor. 
  • Cezary from the Crusader Stadium Chatroom: My point is that such an explosion is hardly possible at the ZNPP. For one: the power plant, as I understand it, is in some form of cold shutdown. This means that the rods have been retracted and the danger of any sort of mass catastrophe of this sort is very low. You’re not going to recreate the power of the Chernobyl blast with manmade means. I don’t know how many tons of TNT you’d have to put there, but it would be a lot—and where would you put them? Underneath the containment vessel itself? A lot of the prospects don’t make much sense. With that said, we should not ignore the fact that it doesn’t matter how bad the disaster actually is, the West will ‘manufacture’ the scale which suits them. So even if a minor blast were to occur, with a minor release of radiation, the West and its corrupt lapdog agencies will manufacture whatever false ‘data’ is necessary to push the agenda that, for instance, ‘massive plumes of radiation have gone into Poland/Europe/NATO’, etc.
  • Tactical nuclear weapons, also known as non-strategic nuclear weapons, are nuclear weapons designed to be used on a battlefield in military situations, mostly with friendly forces in proximity and perhaps even on contested friendly territory. They are generally smaller in explosive power than strategic nuclear weapons, which are designed mostly to be targeted at the enemy interior far away from the war front against military bases, cities, towns, arms industries, and other hardened or larger-area targets to damage the enemy’s ability to wage war. Tactical nuclear weapons include gravity bombs, short-range missiles, artillery shells, land mines, depth charges, and torpedoes equipped with nuclear warheads.
  • While we were enjoying our Saturday and Friday evening – Graham, Biden and the Zelensky creeps were busy doing this in Russia.
  • The world does not know just how close a nuclear bomb release was on Friday night and Saturday morning.
  • If Putin thought this was done by the US what would Putin have left to do?
HEADLINE: Supreme Court Rules States Can’t Challenge Biden Deportation Policy by Matthew Vadum 

The question hinges on Article III – do the states have recourse to the Federal government on if they can handle immigrants in their own states.

  • Justice Bret Kavanaugh says the answer to this is no.
  • So what does this have to do w/ Article 3 exactly?
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HEADLINE: Mama Mia! NYC rules crack down on coal, wood-fired pizzerias — must cut carbon emissions up to 75% by Carl Campanile and Kevin Sheehan 

HEADLINE: Diners Are Losing Patience With Restaurant Service—and There’s No Quick Fix by Heather Haddon and Chip Cutter

  • The story states that the customers are ticked off at the rising food costs and the short staff that all restaurants are dealing with.
  • People don’t want to work in the restaurant industry anymore.
  • Why is that?
  • Well customers are jerks.
  • They expect fine dining experiences and fine dining food but don’t want to pay for it.
  • Inflation has created super high ticket prices.
  • When the customer gets the bill, they don’t tip well b/c they are upset at food cost.
  • This then creates a situation where the server doesn’t want to come to work…why work if you aren’t getting tipped?
  • This is the cycle and this is what we are seeing now.
HEADLINE: Farewell to arms? Pistol bridge on I-10 in Lake Charles could finally be replaced by Mike Smith 

  • The Interstate 10 bridge over the Calcasieu River here is a throwback to another era, but still relied upon by around 90,000 vehicles per day at a key section of the cross-country highway. Two visiting presidents have recently spoken of the need to replace it, and after years of campaigning by the region, the project may be inching within reach.
1h32m HEADLINE: One Supreme Court Justice Dissents in Major Illegal Immigration Case by Jack Phillips 

  • I bet the LA Attorney General Jeff Landry tells SCOTUS to go pound sand.
  • What is the IT in the preamble?
  • What is the institution, the IT?
  • The Federal Government of the United States.
  • It doesn’t say anything the states can do it states what the Federal government what they CAN’T do.
  • I don’t care Justice Kavanaugh what Article III states here.
  • The Federal gov has overstepped and the states have the right to do so.
  • Texas and Louisiana didn’t even say ALL illegal immigrants.
  • They specifically stated the criminals and this is the response?
HEADLINE: Pride Is The Flag Of American Occupation by Joy Pullmann 


Caller Cindy from Florida

  • We have a federal indecency law and many states have indecency laws.
  • So why aren’t they being enforced?
  • Especially allowing them to use our language. 
  • FINALLY people are pushing back.
  • It started w/ allowing them to use transgender.
  • There are only 2 genders..plain and simple.
  • Ron DeSantis – the numbers are going down even in Florida.
  • Immigration, illegal immigration is killing Florida right now.
  • We won’t know exactly how many until they start registering their kids into the public school system. 
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Tea Party

Rep Schumer spoke for 16 minutes on the floor calling for the President to take action against the Tea Party.

  • How did the Tea Party get neutered? 
  • The rise of Donald J Trump.
  • How did the Tea Party get it’s name?
  • Of course they took it from the Boston Tea Party but who else?
  • Obama Mortgage bailout started the Tea Party.
  • Enough of this…seriously.
  • These people want us dead.
2h26m AUDIO/VIDEO: Toronto Canada Pride ParadeWe’re here, we’re queer and we’re coming for your children….we’re going shopping. 
Epoch Times Farmer Story 

HEADLINE: IN-DEPTH: South Dakota Farmers Band Together Against CO2 Pipeline Project by Allan Stein 

  • Where do you seek relief?
  • These farmers are being drug into Federal Courts!
2h34m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at Lincoln Day Dinner in DetroitI will invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove all illegal immigrant gang members.

The states have the ability to determine if a person is an alien friend or an alien enemy.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donal Trump at Lincoln Day Dinner in DetroitLook if I were doing badly in the polls, this investigation bullshit would stop immediately.

CALLER Julie and Bob Kopka in Michigan

  • Was at the Trump event last night.
  • It was a wonderful time, and the place was filled Trump supporters!
  • He talked a lot about his past accomplishments and immigration.
  • He declared war on the Mexican cartels and use any US military he needs to.
  • He went over the woke agenda, child mutilation, the filthy books in the libraries etc.
AUIDO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington DCIt’s time to keep our faith,  our unity, and our resolve. We must be strong like never before. We have to take down crooked Joe Biden and the worst administration in the history of this country.










Michael Krupa

Follow Michael on Twitter – @MGKrupa

  • In the beginning there were 3 main players.
  • Wagner isn’t a mercenary group you can compare it to the French foreign legion.
  • They only hire Russians however.
  • For example at times in
  • Syria they fought and especially in the Donbass.
  • The second Vladimir Putin and then we have the third the Russian General Prigozhin.
  • 70,000 Ukrainians in Bakhmut were killed and they raised the Russian flag there after a long fought battle.
  • He made no mention of the other two targets.
  • So there have been 3 instances where something gets blown up and the Ukraines come out and say it was the Russians – the only person to be hurt by these explosions are the Russians.
  • These things weren’t done by the Russians.
  • The nuclear plant – 
  • If you hear Zelensky say ‘The Russians are planning to blow up XYZ…’ You can bet he is just projecting that HE is going to do it.
  • The plant has been fairly secured by the Russians but as of now, if you had an opportunity to get close and blow it up, it would hurt for generations but they can’t get that close to it.
  • This is how this war has been playing out.
  • There is no such thing as a tactical nuke.
  • A nuke is a nuke.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Shaman I am Russian

Here are the lyrics in English:  I am Russian

I breath this air

The sun in the sky looks at me

The free wind flies over me

It is just like me


I just want to love and to breathe

I don’t need anything more

I am what I am

No one can break me because…


I am Russian, I push to the end

I am Russian, I got my blood from my father

I am Russian, I am lucky

I am Russian and I don’t care if you don’t like it

I am Russian


This song flies into the sky

And it calls me with it

My heart burns inside of me

Lighting my way home

Where I just want to love and to breathe


I don’t need anything more

I am what I am

No one can break me because…


I am Russian, I push to the end

I am Russian, I got my blood from my father

I am Russian, I am lucky

I am Russian and I don’t care if you don’t like it

I am Russian

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington DC  I will issue a policy directive making clear that a core national defense mission is to protect American sovereignty…and will use any and all resources necessary to stop this invasion.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington DCI will have the horrible war b/w Russia and Ukraine totally settled. I will have it done in 24 course. The Bible says, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’ I will be your peacemaker.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington DCChristians have been under siege under this administration. Never again will federal law enforcement be used to target religious believers. 



Hunter Biden and the Sex Club

HEADLINE: Snctm sex club founder banned after naming Hunter Biden as former member by Andrea Chang 

  • If you look at the image of the founder Damon Lawner, what is on his ‘robe’?
  • The Masonic all seeing eye that’s what.
  • With a carefully curated guest list and membership fees of up to $75,000 a year, it became the free-love private playground of Hollywood actors, rock stars, chief executives, city officials and run-of-the-mill millionaires.
  • The ouroboros symbolizes rebirth, immortality, eternity, protection, self-reliance, unity, and nature’s cycles. 
  • What year was the Masonic organization created?
  • In the year 1776.
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    S8 E1699- States Can Not Challenge The Regime’s Edicts Mike Church

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