S8 E1690-Pride Monthers Have Come For The Foie Gras Farming Family

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Donald Trump Indictment 

  • 636 corporations – he relinquished his board positions etc BEFORE he even decided to run so he would have no tie to any business.
  • They have been after him for tax evasion, they failed.
  • They attacked him in NY for something, they failed.
  • None of this has stuck.
  • There is nothing to any of this folks.













HEADLINE: Pride Month Zealots Launch Economic Warfare On Homesteading Catholic Family by Evita Duffy-Alfonso 

  • Long before the left invented ‘pride month’, the Catholic Church dedicated June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a tradition originating from the 17th century vision of Christ receive by French nun St Margaret Mary Alacoque. 
  • “While we’ve never required our customers to pass a litmus test before serving them, it seems our values, which come from lives lived as Louisiana Catholics, are considered unacceptable by some. 
  • One of the farmers’ markets that McKnight is a member of put out a statement “celebrating pride month” and refused to take it down even after McKnight pointed out that statement could be interpreted as an endorsement of pride by all the individual vendors. In response to the farmers’ market’s pride statement, McKnight told The Federalist that he “put out a little sign that says, ‘celebrate humility’ with an image of the Sacred Heart.”
  • The White House had a rainbow flag hanging from the balcony. 
  • Nearly two-thirds of McKnight’s business has evaporated, putting him and his family in a dire financial situation. Yet when interviewed by The Federalist, McKnight expressed a baffling sense of peace and even joy. “There’s that animal need to have food and shelter and clothing — certainly,” and “I’m concerned,” said McKnight. “But I don’t know how to precisely explain myself … I’ve lost everything overnight, but the suffering is valuable,” he said.
  • The LGBTQ community doesn’t realize they messed w/ the wrong Catholic family.
  • Ross’s family is taking this in stride and stating that the SUFFERING IS VALUABLE. 
  • Who says something like this?
  • A devout Catholic family!
  • For him and his wife and children, defending the traditional family unit, their culture, and their faith is more important than anything.
  • He is talking about the French Acadians that were kicked out of the area. 
  • The French were invited by the Spanish to come here to LA and settle here.
  • “We count it a privilege to have lost much, it is an honor to participate, through the suffering of our family, in the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” – Ross McKnight
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You throw out the airports and the common areas of hotels and CNN would go under as a company.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dana Bash on CNN w/ Vivek Ramaswamy on TrumpI stand by my promise to pardon him if convicted. Reading that indictment and looking at the selective omissions of both fact & law, I’m even more convinced that a pardon is the right answer here.

  • This indictment came from Joe Biden.
  • This is the main issue here.
  • Trump stated he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton and he stated so many times.
  • He said he would NOT want to see her prosecuted. 
  • I’ll take he’s just a liar for 1,000 Alex!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dana Bash on CNN w/ Vivek Ramaswamy  The DOJ reports to the office of the president. With do respect I think it is shameful that I have to ask  questions that the media isn’t asking. The media is doing the bidding on the WH. If the same shoe fit the other foot you would not take their word at face value.

  • It warms my heart to hear a political candidate actually discuss what the powers of the president and DOJ are!
  • He is 100% correct on this.





HEADLINE: We Broke The Matrix by Elizabeth Nickson 

  • Dishonesty and outright theft of the peoples’ wealth is threaded through every institution and as a result, those institutions are shedding people. The attempt to reach a farcical Net Zero, in effect trying to reduce the out-breath of every individual alive, has corrupted banking, investing, government, civil society and stalled the economy. With this lie operational, nothing can be expected to work, and the only way to make money is to steal it from the taxpayer in an ever increasing vicious cycle of debt and rising interest rates. Canada is furthest along in Net Zero, and we are the brokest. The conservative leader, Polievre is cresting in the polls, and as the latest interest rate rise results in individuals losing their homes, I expect a majority in 2024.

HEADLINE: California moves to provide surrogates to gay male couples in the name of ‘fertility equality’ by Sara Higdon 


  • What the hell is fertility equality? 
  • They used to call us ‘breeders’. 
  • Now they want to make law they can buy or rent a uterus. 
  • Families create happiness, thus they are trying to buy happiness. 
  • They understand that babies make families which make happiness.
  • The happiness they seek can only be found in finding love of Christ.
HEADLINE: Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’ by Climate Depot 

  • They hate humans, we are the problem, God’s creation of man is the absolute problem for them.
BACK to Elizabeth Nickson 

  • Meta and Instagram KNOW they have child-sex trafficking rings on their platforms and aren’t doing anything about it.
  • The AI is now helping on these platforms b/c they were programmed to join these communities together through algorithms. 
  • This is yet another danger of AI.
  • They are programmed to use algorithms to join like-minded people. 
  • So if some pedophile using the term pizza, the AI will find other pedophiles using terms like pizza and hook them up w/ each other.
  • See the danger here?


HEADLINE: Apple’s New ‘Mixed-Reality’ Headset Is Designed To Isolate And Control You by John Daniel Davidson 

Apple Vision Pro – 

  • Apple envisions solitary men and women sitting alone in the darkened rooms of empty houses, their faces hidden behind shining black masks.
  • There should be a creep factor of 40 here w/ this thing.
  • What market research did they do to tell them, yes people really want this?
  • What if the AI gets it wrong?
  • I’m w/ Ray Bradberry – he said stop building machines, just stop.
  • In fact, you’re still looking at a display, it’s just a display of the real world, a digital projection of reality. The headset’s cameras capture the world and display it on two small digital screens directly in front of your eyes. So users aren’t really looking through the headset at the world, they’re looking at a digital recreation of the world around them. The world you see through the headset might seem real, but it isn’t.
  • So this isn’t 100% real life.
  • You are still looking through a display.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greene on Rainbow flags at Turning Point US Young Women’s LeadershipIt shouldn’t be about what people do sexually that causes us to hang a flag somewhere. The only flags that should ever be hung should be our United States flag….and a state flag.

  • This group just gets more nasty by the month.
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HEADLINE: Beleaguered 545ft Millennium Tower in SF has $100M work to fix 22-inch lean HALTED after ‘repair holes were drilled too big’ and skyscraper tilted even more – but officials insist it is still safe for well-heeled residents by Alyssa Guzman 

  • What could you do w/ this $100 million instead of trying to save this building?
  • Officials insist it is still ‘safe’ for its residents. 

Ross McKnight

Owner of Backwater Foie Gras

Backwater Foie Gras website –

Follow Ross and his farm on Instagram –

  • We had a milk machine issue on Sunday morning and then we had some car issues.
  • We are friends and our Catholic community is Louisiana Catholic, all of this is an outgrowth of what a good healthy community produces.
  • We aren’t here standing alone.
  • We just happened to be the family that got picked out of the group.
  • We are happy to proclaim Our Lord’s word and declare it is His month, the Sacred Heart.
  • You are holding the line here Ross.
  • As your friend and someone that runs in this MSM circle, you are acting out of charity for those that are on your case and it is a beautiful thing.
  • At the moment this is above my pay grade – shipping out ducks.
  • We exist for and with our local community. 

HEADLINE: Backwater Foie Gras GoFundMe raises over $5000 as Louisiana farmer slammed over controversial Pride post by Aaratrika Bal 

HEADLINE: Louisiana farmer facing economic hit after social media post touted his Catholic faith, called out Pride month by Kayla Bailey 

  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Pride 2023 Event at WHWe need to push back agains the hundreds of callous bills against LGBTQ, they attack the most basic values as Americans. The right to make your own health decisions, no one should have to be afraid in this country. Especially to the transgender children, you are loved, you are heard, you are understood and you belong! 
  • Look at the next proposition of transgender surgery, show a slide show of what the procedure actually looks like.
  • Just like w/ abortion, if you actually SEE what they are doing to these young women and men, you will be horrified. 
  • The leader of the free world is leading the charge for physiological, psychological and everything that comes w/ it against children.
  • People at the WH are cheering this right now.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Pride 2023 Event at WHWhen a person can be married in the morning and kicked out of a restaurant in the evening something is still very wrong. 

  • He is the scowling old man in the neighborhood.
  • They didn’t even attempt to make him softer in this instance, to show for the public he ‘truly cares for the homo-community’. 
3h19m HEADLINE: 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot by Faiz Siddiqui and Jeremy B Merrill 

  • 736 U.S. crashes since 2019 involving Teslas in Autopilot mode.
  • If this were a gas engine car issue these cars would have been banned already.
  • The number of deaths and serious injuries associated with Autopilot also has grown significantly, the data shows. When authorities first released a partial accounting of accidents involving Autopilot in June 2022, they counted only three deaths definitively linked to the technology. The most recent data includes at least 17 fatal incidents, 11 of them since last May, and five serious injuries. 
  • The uptick in crashes coincides with Tesla’s aggressive rollout of Full Self-Driving, which has expanded from around 12,000 users to nearly 400,000 in a little more than a year. Nearly two-thirds of all driver-assistance crashes that Tesla has reported to NHTSA occurred in the past year.
  • They are claiming the machine is smarter than the human driver.
  • Elon Musk stated as much in an interview a few months back when promoting the self-driving feature. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Bishop Anthanasius Schneider w/ Life Site News on Catholics not being depressed  We must show our Catholic faith in our work, in our home and in our community. We must stand up against this global phenomena of the gender ideology. 

HEADLINE: For Catholics targeted in Britain, the process has become the punishment by Fiorella Nash 

  • Only 1% of rapes in Britain result in a charge and yet the police apparently have the resources to send an entire team of officers to arrest one woman engaging in silent prayer.
  • A Catholic was arrested and charged for the crime of praying inside her own head. Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was detained, questioned and charged, along with Catholic priest Fr Sean Gough, whose own ‘crimes’ were to hold a sign announcing that he was praying for free speech and to drive a car with a pro-life bumper sticker. The magistrate’s court threw out the charges as the prosecution was unable to provide evidence that the alleged thoughtcrimes had taken place, but the relief was short-lived. Only three weeks later, Isabel was arrested a second time, this time by six police officers.


HEADLINE: Young Catholic Challenges Murderer in Annecy by Helene de Lauzun 

  • On a tour of France’s cathedrals, Henri—now nicknamed “the hero with a rucksack”—crossed the path of the Syrian murderer and tried to protect the children from his attack.
  • The young man is crisscrossing France on a journey due to last around nine months, relying on the hospitality of local people to provide him with day-to-day accommodation … “with the help of Providence,” in his own words. 
3h57m HEADLINE: Record Low Autopsy Rates in the US: Why It Matters and What It Reveals by Harry Lee

  • The autopsy rate in 2020 reached a record low of 7.4 percent, marking the lowest rate between 1972 and 2020, according to a recently released new report by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a subagency under the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 1972, the autopsy rate stood at 19.1 percent, but it has since experienced a steady decline.
  • The decline in autopsy rates hitting a new low in 2020 is concerning as it hampers diagnostic accuracy, limits medical research and public health understanding, impairs legal and forensic investigations, hinders quality assurance and education, and deprives grieving families of closure and answers about their loved one’s cause of death.
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    S8 E1690-Pride Monthers Have Come For The Foie Gras Farming Family Mike Church

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