S8 E1687 Our Keystone Cop Military: The Russians Have Now Blown Up Their Own Dam!

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  • There are about 100 rainbow flags around the area in solidarity w/ the LGBTQ Pride Month.
  • Would the ‘tolerant’ left be so tolerant if we replaced those flags w/ the Image of Jesus Christ for an entire month?
  • But this group tells us they are so oppressed they are fighting for their right to even exist. 
  • They have traded it for nylon in 6 colors. 
  • Everything you ever needed to know about Pride month in one 60 second reel.

HEADLINE: Rainbow Flags Have Taken Over The Rockefeller Center In Celebration Of Pride by Bianca Bahamondes 

HEADLINE: On Loving and Hating in June: the Sacred Heart vs. Depraved ‘Pride’ by Brother Andre Marie 

  • One may ask if June’s dedication to the Sacred Heart makes its usurpation as “Pride Month” particularly egregious. I do not think so. Our God is the Lord of all time, and sins crying to heaven for vengeance ought never to be celebrated. Would May, the month of Our Lady, really be less awful? Or March, dedicated to Saint Joseph? Or any Sunday, especially dedicated, as each is, to the Holy Trinity? With the full literal force of the words, we should have no time for such things. There is nothing on our Christian calendar that can rightly coexist with the celebration of sins against nature. Antithetical to the virtuous love of the Sacred Heart, this celebration is a carefully calculated campaign to normalize unnatural lust among the populace in general, and, specifically, to target youth for recruitment. Such an agenda is not simply wicked; it is diabolical.


HEADLINE: What We Know About the Nova Kakhovka Dam Destruction by 

  • This defies all logic, that Vladimir Putin would do this. 
  • This dam helps the RUSSIANS so why would they destroy something that helps them?
  • Concern over the fate of the Nova Kakhovka dam had been building throughout the war before it was finally destroyed. The reservoir was an important irrigation source for farmers who depend on it to cultivate some of Ukraine’s most productive farmland. It has supplied drinking water to Russian-occupied Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula where Moscow’s Black Sea fleet is based.
  • This river is required to cool the nuclear plant.
  • Michael Krupa – so the Russians anticipated that this idiot Zelensky would do something like this and blame Putin.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker on Twitter Episode #1 on Kakhovka Dam

  • If the US and NATO are systematically targeting Russian assets and destroying them to bring about a change in regimes, this is what we used to call TERRORISM!
  • If someone did this to us, we would try them under the Patriot Act.
  • This is the definition of what a terrorist, bully does.
  • The idea that our MSM are competing against each other to get to the truth faster is a fantasy.
  • They are all on the same team.
  • They all get the same cliff notes and run w/ the same topics/headlines.
  • We did have a once great military.
  • All of those good ole’ military people that were in it for the right reasons have all left.
  • These new people are all woke.
  • The Hoover Dam – we 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Russians Blowing Up Dam

Reporter – Does it seem believable to you that Russia would destroy a dam & flood ethnic Russian villages? It seems about as logical as blowing up one’s own pipeline, doesn’t it?

John Kirby – We’ve come to no conclusions on this.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Ukraine Russia Conflict

Kirby – We don’t wanna see this war escalate, certainly not in the nuclear realm.

Reporter – Are you saying that F-16’s cannot accommodate nuclear weapons?

Kirby – The purpose of providing advanced fighter aircraft is to help Ukraine defend itself.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Ukraine Assistance

John Kirby – I guarantee you, you are going to see additional security assistance packages in the coming days and weeks. We are gonna continue to make sure that Ukraine can succeed on the battlefield.

  • So what is he saying here?
  • He is telling Putin, guess what, Biden is going to take you to the house.
  • Who is actually dying in this war?

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Nord Stream Pipeline

John Kirby – The US is not actively investigating the Nord Stream Pipeline explosion there are European countries doing that and we are confident in their abilities.

  • In some places the infrastructure on this pipeline was 6ft thick of concrete.
  • This isn’t some little scuba trip down in the Florida Keys folks.
  • This is precise, aquatic skill here w/ some serious demolition material.
HEADLINE: Here’s The Single Most Important Question 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates Must Answer by Ben Weingarten 

  • There is one fundamental question that any candidate vying for the Republican nomination for president of the US in 2024 must answer – 


  • If you can’t crack that Blue Wall, you will not win.
  • There will never be another Republican sitting in the Oval Office.
  • Democrats are so well-positioned to thrive under this system that even under the most favorable political circumstances, and with a “perfect” Republican presidential candidate, it is not at all clear that such a candidate would prevail. At least that is the prudent assumption under which Republicans serious about winning the presidency should be operating.
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HEADLINE: PGA Tour sensationally MERGES with rival LIV Golf in major win for the Saudis, gloating Trump, and the players who pocketed MILLIONS – as loyal PGA golfers are left to find out by LETTER by Alex Raskin 

  • The PGA Tour has done a complete about-face by merging with rival LIV Golf less than one year after PGA commissioner Jay Monahan told reporters that such an arrangement was ‘off the table.’



























Brother Andre Marie

Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel.

  • The British set up the House of Samud because of Saudi oil.
  • We filled in that void after WWII.
  • We have been the bad guys across the middle East.
  • What is happening right now in Britain? 
  • They are basically being colonized by the Muslims.
  • You wouldn’t recognize the place any longer.
  • CIA and the United States – David Wemhoff
  • If they have developed a relationship now, the PGA and LIV, they have been folded under the corporation of America at this point.
  • Unnatural lust is spiritually deadly and to love such a person is to will him to confess his sins and to get out of that life and to be brought into or restored into sanctifying grace.
  • Sacrilege and Blasphemy – 
  • Artist Eric Gill – he kept going to confession but kept going back to his sinful ways. 
  • The difference b/w Fr James Martin and Eric Gill is Gill never said this was a good, he called it a sin and evil.
  • He died in union w/ the Catholic faith. 
  • The people that organized this lied.
  • Pride Mass – Feast of Corpus Christi (Presider Fr Doug Boud, w/ Deacons Herb Riley & Keith Kondrich
  • One of the symptoms of a male sodomite is vindictiveness, pettiness, and mendacity.
  • What they do is a lie, what they do is essentially a lie and contrary to nature and what God created us for. 
  • It is appropriate they are branded as liars.
  • Hatred is a very powerful word, you probably don’t hate them you just dislike them.
  • What does hate really mean?
  • You have to give distinctions in order to properly understand.
  • Calling it all hate when you oppose an agenda that wants to mutilate children – 
  • Psalm 138 – Have I not hated your enemies Oh Lord.
  • Two things his nature and his guilt.
  • Nature from God has a capacity for happiness.
  • Luke 12:36 
  • Christian Love and Charity – hating what is evil and loving what is good.
  • Love of concupiscence – I love you b/c you make me feel good but drop you when you stop making me feel good.
  • Fr James Martin sees everything through the LGBTQ lens.
  • The White Fathers – wore white habits and worked in Africa – the king of Buganda had cultivated a taste for a vice that wasn’t popular in Africa and he learned it from Europeans. 
  • Some of the boys he held court w/ were very young boys. 
  • When the young men refused, he killed them in a horrible manner.

HEADLINE: Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions (1886-1887) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

  • These were twenty-two young men and boys, from thirteen to thirty years in age, who were martyred for the Catholic Faith in Uganda in Africa after undergoing cruel torments. Four had not yet received the sacrament of Baptism but these were baptized by Charles Lwanga after they were arrested. They were the first martyrs among the African negroes. They were canonized in 1964.
  • These martyrs were victims of a sodomite pagan king, concerning which readers are invited to consider Father George Rutler’s brief piece, “Ours has become a neo-pagan culture, and that can be even worse than a simple pagan culture.”
  • How do we know about Heaven?

ReConquest – 


















Caller Justin D from Florida – 

  • The players were left in the dark on this whole thing too.
  • The #1 thing to understand is this isn’t a MERGER per-say.
  • PGA tour vs LIV in this thing, there will be no LIV in the next year.
  • If you look at the language in the agreement it is a partnership.
  • When LIV first started you know that Saudi’s didn’t care about golf. 
  • Sports Washing – 
  • They use sports to get a seat at the table w/ major corporations and investors to cloud the sport and the country.
  • LIV golf was NEVER sustainable. 
  • What they forced the PGA to do was up the purses, it quadrupled the purse wins.
  • You now have to go to American corporations to ask for more for each event.
  • LIV forced the PGA into an unsustainable model. 
  • The PGA tour will still have control and LIV have no ‘voting rights’ in this.
  • He basically has no power or control.
  • But the Saudi’s are now at the table when it comes to investing.
  • The Saudi’s won in the end, not LIV.

HEADLINE: ‘I still hate LIV and hope it goes away’: Rory McIlroy breaks his silence on bombshell golf merger, as vocal critic of Saudi-backed tour says he feels like a ‘sacrificial lamb’ by Ben Willcocks

  • The Saudi’s has money in hundreds of sports.
  • WWE and PGA and more now.

HEADLINE: LIV Golf’s Bryson DeChambeau admits merger ‘does stink a little’ for PGA players who refused Saudi money while he pocketed more than $125m by Alex Raskin 

  • Now these LIV golfers have to reapply to join the PGA tour now and they won’t be getting the money LIV originally promised them.
  • This isn’t a victory for the people that left and went to play for LIV.
  • The ultimate winners here is the Saudi government. 
  • This deal is not finalized by the way.
  • This is the kind of thing the State Department has to sign off on.
  • Joe Biden met w/ Saudi Prince the day before and Anthony Blinken was in Saudi Arabi while this happened to. 
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    S8 E1687 Our Keystone Cop Military: The Russians Have Now Blown Up Their Own Dam! Mike Church

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