S8 E1686- The Truth Is Out There, The U.S. Has UFOs In Their Possession

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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HEADLINE: Intelligence Officials Says US Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin by Leslie Mean and Ralph Blumenthal 

  • A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin.


Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

Author of Reverse Deception and host of The Reverse Deception on The Crusade Channel

Follow Gregory Carpenter on Twitter – @gscarp12

  • Is this a Reverse Deception?
  • We are entering into an election cycle.
  • You have people that are coming out that are propped up as if they are beyond reproach but there is still a need to control the story.
  • You control what is being released.
  • There is definitely something happening and the government will release it but the government is doing it in a controlled release. 
  • The General Population – that would be anyone not in the government.
  • Paul Thigpen – he isn’t an intellectual knit whit. For him to come out with his latest book, something is happening.
  • Are we in an era when we will finally see something in the stars?
  • If there is another force out there, it is a watershed moment for religion in general.
  • It does paint a picture of theology in that people have to reconsider what they have learned in the past.
  • Logically we have to see this in a separate equation. 
  • Art Bell DreamLand – Linda Moulton Howe – discussing UFO’s
  • Was Art Bell right all along?

HEADLINE: Did Padre Pio Affirm the Existence of Aliens? by St Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church 


Robert Kennedy and JFK – the assassination of RFK Jr

  • You made the statement that he did not shoot RFK Jr, and now Robert Kennedy Jr is out there stating that very fact.
  • You can’t not pay the IRS.
  • You can’t violate the laws of physics. 
  • At a very basic level, he was standing in front of RFK and RFK was shot behind his head in the back of his ear.
  • Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot RFK.
  • When the cops surround and bring Sirhan Sirhan down they aren’t looking at anyone else in the crowd.
  • So what happens during that time?
  • I find it extremely troubling that the District Attorney would not consider any of the other legitimate evidence.
  • Sirhan had a revolver, not a magazine handgun, just based on that alone there is no way he should have been convicted.











  • All of this came out subsequently and the volume of information that Kennedy Jr found they still wouldn’t go back and add this new information.
  • This is what you have to do when you need to control the narrative.
  • There are many other things that should have been considered in this case.
  • Anything that takes a LONG time to come out, typically has a lot of truth behind it.
  • He said my father was shot 4 times – he started the interview off by saying he was pleaded w/ a friend saying you have to view the autopsy report or he’d never know what truly happened to his father. 
  • Sirhan Sirhan was in front of Bobby.
  • If Kennedy was shot 4 times he couldn’t have done it b/c the official statement was Sirhan only got off 2 shots before he was tackled.

HEADLINE: Board Denies Parole for Sirhan Sirhan, the Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy by Shawn Hubler 

  • The burning question is – why did he need to be killed?
  • The UAP topic – there is a lot of information available about RFK and JFK and the comments he made about the CIA. 
  • He had a very high interest in it back then.
  • He was looking to get this information out to the general public.
  • Bill Clinton got off the UAP high horse quickly when he was elected if you remember.
  • What the Kennedy brothers were trying to do and their deaths – 
  • Dorothy Kilgallen – was investigating the JFK assassination when she died from an overdose of alcohol and barbiturates. By the time she died in 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen had made a name for herself as a journalist, a radio broadcaster, and a popular game show panelist.
  • The Lady with the Polkadot Dress – seen w/ Sirhan Sirhan and they couldn’t ever find her after the shooting.
  • He said at first he shot him, then later stated he had no memory of the incident. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert F Kennedy Jr on w/ Mike Tysondiscussing who actually killed his father and it wasn’t Sirhan Sirhan.

  1. There was a total of 8 bullets in Sirhans pistol.
  2. All bullets were accounted for, 6 into the crowd after he was taken down and 2 shot at my father.
  3. My father was shot 4 times in total and all 4 were from a lower angle upward.
  4. The security guard was behind him as he fell back into him after he was shot by him 4 times.
  5. He had muzzle burn on his body for each 4 shots, something you can’t get from being shot at  from a distance which Sirhan was. There was always a large steam table in b/w them according to the 76 eye witnesses.
1h48m BACK to HEADLINE: Intelligence Officials Says US Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin by Leslie Mean and Ralph Blumenthal 

  • Why does any of our Congressmen need to know about all of this?
  • The leak in and of itself is indicating that something is going on w/ this material that is bad news.
  • Why did Kyle Seraphin leave the FBI?
  • Ask yourself the question – when I hear of a story like this, I start to think why things work?
  • Why is it so important if this is real for them to keep it under wraps?
  • “A vast array of our most sophisticated sensors, including space-based platforms, have been utilized by different agencies, typically in triplicate, to observe and accurately identify the out-of-this-world nature, performance, and design of these anomalous machines, which are then determined not to be of earthly origin,” Grey said.
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HEADLINE: Satanic ‘Panic’ 2023 by Rod Dreher 

WARNING – this sub stack contains images of homosexual men dressed in BDSM attire w/ their butts out.

  • This is what the world has devolved into. 
  • We are allowing these ghouls to groom our children in the schools, in pop culture, everywhere. What decent father or mother can look at this image below, and think that this is what they would want for their daughter?
  • I’m sorry, in a way, to shove this in your face, but you have to know what all this Pride rhetoric really means, in the flesh.


















Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute 

Follow Hichborn on Twitter – @LepantoInst

  • If the Bishop doesn’t stop this, he is complicit. 
  • If you don’t say no you can’t do this, the idea that you’ve conceived of it should bring disciplinary actions down on this Priest and the Deacons. 
  • Bishop Zubik has come out and denounced it but he hasn’t threatened any discipline.
  • They are given a weak, limp-waisted…please stop this isn’t a good thing.

HEADLINE: Pittsburgh Bishop Calls for ‘Pride Mass’ to Be Canceled by Mary Margaret Olohan 

  • This is 100% a perversion. 
  • This is how they invert things.
  • He is strapped to a Saint Andrews Cross – 
  • Maximum outrage against God and His Sacred Heart.
  • Corrupt as many souls as we can along the way.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Real Men of Hubris by Michael Hichborn 

  • If you leave the bosom of Holy Mother Church – you will feel it.
  • Holy Trinity College – Rainbow flag being flown over the University.
  • The demons want you to be like them.
  • Sister Lucia – when she saw hell she spoke of people or the souls of the damned having hideous forms.
  • That is what happens w/ the demons they went from something beautiful to something hideous.
  • They become horrible beasts in hell, that is how Drag Queens do their make-up is it not?
  • No servant is greater than the master.
  • The Restoration of Christian Culture – 
  • Taking what is good and inverting and distorting it. 
  • Saint Padre Pio movie – There is a scene when Pio is being tempted and the devil takes the form of Our Lady, naked, and does things w/ the image of Our Lady.
  • Destroying beauty destroys man’s sense of God. 
  • That is why they had to destroy the art.
  • Lucifer Founder of the TransMovement – article 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Tim Scott on The ViewI’m on the show b/c of the comments made frankly on this show…the only way for a young African American kid to be successful this country is to be the exception? That is a dangerous, offensive, disgusting message….

  • He went into the Lions Den by appearing on The View to correct them on how they constantly say that black people have to be exceptional to succeed. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Tim Scott on The ViewThe issue of discrimination is an issue of the heart, both sides of the isle can do better on the issue of race and frankly I think my side of the isle is doing great progress.

  • He didn’t go on this show and change his tune, he stayed true to himself and his values.
3h41m HEADLINE: Biden’s Trip and Fall: ‘I Got Sandbagged’ by The Editorial Board 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Kat Cammack R-FL on Biden falling and being incoherentNo one should be cheering when they see the president stumbling on stage, no one. But the fact remains he has been shaking hands w/ invisible people, he has been taking cues from the Easter Bunny, this type of weakness invites aggression. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Scarborough MSNBC on Biden CrimeAll these things about the Biden Crime Family they keep pushing and finding nothing…most Americans just don’t care about this. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chairman James Comer R-KYthe FBI document are consistant w/ what we disclosed to you in Romania. It suggest a pattern of bribery, where payment would be made through shell accounts & multiple banks. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Transgender MTA Eastchester Transgender Nana MangualIs suing a co-worker for telling him he needed to be in the mens restroom. 

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    S8 E1686- The Truth Is Out There, The U.S. Has UFOs In Their Possession Mike Church

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