S8 E1680-Unforced Error Of The Century, DeSantis To Announce Plan To Lose To Trump

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The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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49m Governor Ron DeSantis vs Trump

  • He can’t beat Trump, I will mortgage my house right now and wager you.
  • If I were Trump I would say something like “Ron you knew you were going to run and yet you still ran for Governor all the while lying to the people of Florida. You are abandoning the good people of Florida to climb the political ladder.”
  • That is what I’d say if I were Trump.
  • They changed the law in the state of Florida so DeSantis can run for Presidency and still remain the Governor of Florida.
  • So technically it is a win/win for him in the long run I suppose.

HEADLINE: Abandon the Swamp by Roger Kimball 

  • The swamp is too big and too deep to drain it.
  • Trump will monitor anything in Florida, and if something happens in Florida while he is out campaigning it will be time to pounce.
  • I’m only telling you all of this b/c Trump is going to bring all of this out if DeSantis really comes out to run.
  • The infatuation w/ the salvation from the political class is in play here.
  • It is Christian communities that will restore what is broken with our country.
  • We must fortify these communities.
  • We should be telling the political class, as we form our community we are forming it to ensure you have very little power.
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HEADLINE: Welcome to the Objective Room by 

  • The men who seek to condition Mark by exposure to the Crooked—to make him believe that “objectively” there is no difference between it and the Straight—must in the end resort to blasphemy. It is not enough to celebrate the diseased and belittle the normal; eventually a stronger statement is needed. And this is the significance of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”: Eventually not even drag is enough.
  • And now the Dodgers, desensitized by a decade of celebration, reject the concerns of Christians and again extend their invitation to degraded mockeries of holiness. The ratchet of progress turns only one way.
  • You live in the Objective Room, reader. Toleration comes from a position of strength, and, good Christian, you are not doing the tolerating—nor even being tolerated. 



















CJ Doyle

Catholic Action League 

  • They were the Grand Marshalls in 2016 St Patrick Day Parade in Boston.
  • Grotesque characters of devout religious nuns.
  • Sexualizing Catholic imagery and language.
  • The depraved obsession w/ Catholic ritual and mockery.
  • Condom Savior Mass – condoms are distributed instead of Communion.
  • They have the Hunky Jesus contest on Easter.
  • This isn’t just about ending discrimination.
  • This isn’t just about being accepted. 
  • 60 years of the deconstruction of Communism – Catholics are now back in the 19th century in the US.
  • They are honored against the wishes and over the sensibilities over faithful Catholics.
  • The corporations always go with the power.
  • Remember when the Church was so strong and so big the companies wouldn’t dare go against it?
  • This is what 60 years of modernism has given us.
  • No respect anymore from anyone.


  • There used to be a time when the men in sports were religious and you KNEW which religious affiliation they had.
  • They despise and want to suppress the Catholic faith.
  • This is a post-Christian, ex-Catholic place now – Boston. 
  • Illinois state house put up a Baphomet b/c the Satanic Temple said if a Nativity was welcome during Christmas they should have one too.
  • You wouldn’t have had this type of abuse of liberty if the Catholic Church had strong leadership.
  • Religious equality leads to no religion being accepted. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sisters MICM The Mass of All TimeThis song is about the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass and why it is so special to us. The lyrics were written by the Sisters, and were put to the Irish tune of “The Town I Loved So Well.” Music is a great medium for evangelizing. Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, was famous for using the popular melodies of his times with the lyrics of his poems to catechize. In this spirit of Saint Louis Marie, it is our objective to spread and preserve the Faith in the same way. Learn more about the Sisters at

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Celebrate Humility Month

HEADLINE: Debt Limit Default Could Cost California More Than 840,000 Jobs: Analysts by Travis Gillmore 

  • So why would this one state in the union hurt this bad with a default?
  • Could it be the state can’t survive w/o the Federal Government? 























Brother Andre Marie

Host of The ReConquest show aired only on the Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Pius V – 

  • Beautifying the Sacred Liturgy. 
  • Quo Primum correctly: the Missale Romanum was established as THE Missal for all Christians, as the norm.  He used the existing Missale Romanum.
  • Non-Christian aggression – it has been Islam, they weren’t the first and certainly not the only.
  • Muslims have basically taken over all of Europe.
  • It is very timely for this day.
  • Madrid 2004
  • Barcelona Basilica – still not completed yet, it was a major place of pilgrimage. 
  • The designer the Holy Family Church in Barcelona, technically it is Spain but it isn’t Spanish.

HEADLINE: This is how the Barcelona attack was supposed to unfold by Tamar Lapin and Emily Saul 

He was a baptized Catholic – 

  • Hugh Owen will be speaking at this years Saint Benedict Conference in New Hampshire.
  • Our true Origin Story is found in the book of Genesis.
  • If we discard that than everything else in the Christian civilization is all based on a lie.

HEADLINE: Man’s Faculty of Speech Did Not Evolve by Sister Maria Philomena MICM

  • Having shown the behind-the-scenes workings of the very faulty theory of evolution as so many proofs of Mr. Wolfe’s central thesis — that speech is an artifact of man, not the result of evolution — the book comes to its denoument without a clear conclusion. Mr. Wolfe seems, after having torn the theory apart, to accept evolution — so long as its not applied to speech. If speech is, as Wolfe says, “a cardinal distinction between man and animal, a sheerly dividing line as abrupt and immovable as a cliff” (page 163) — with which conclusion I agree, by the way — where does the ability to speak, the power of language, come from? This is a question Mr. Wolfe doesn’t even raise. As close as Tom Wolfe was to getting at the truth, he seems to have suffered from an intellectual myopia. As a “lapsed Presbyterian” who considered himself an atheist (but could not stand people who called themselves atheists), he evidently lacked the necessary perspective from which to critique Darwinism and answer the question of language more thoroughly. The quote about his religious non-affiliation, by the way, comes from an article that quoted him praising Catholic education!
  • Modernism cut to the root of doctrine by inserting the idea nothing stays the same everything is in evolution or change.
  • This is why they hate the traditional church and Mass.

HEADLINE: Whitlock: The Los Angeles Dodgers and sports world take ‘Pride’ in betraying the Christian founders of organized sports by Jason Whitlock 

  • Professional athletes would rather ally with the Alphabet Mafia than with Christians. People who see their primary identity as sexual have and had nothing to do with the rise of professional sports. It’s the people whose primary identity is based in their relationship with Christ who built the sports world and almost everything else we enjoy in America.
  • The same cowardice and stupidity afflict the athletes. They’re ungrateful. They’re too high on weed or too filled with pride to recognize their treason. Their handlers tell them what to think, whom to support, and what to ignore. Many of the athletes feign religious faith.
  • Pride is the gateway drug to idolatry. The LGBTQ+ have placed their sexual and gender identity well above their identity in Christ. They’re taking pride in being outside the body of Christ.

HEADLINE: Aristotle and Saint Thomas on Happiness by Brother Andre Marie

ReConquest – Episode 375: Saint Thomas on Happiness and Joy

  • These are all post Christian nations.
  • They will produce a lot of evil.
  • Cultural Marxism – it isn’t really a German thing.
  • Anti-Christian Elites – ACE
AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Default 

Karine Jean-Pierre – We do not default. We are not a deadbeat nation. We should not be headed to a direction of default for the first time. Both the speaker and Biden have said we will not default.

  • If Biden throws the US into default b/c he decides to not cooperate, that is grounds for impeachment.
  • The money was allocated and he chose not to use it?
  • That is impeachable. 
  • He doens’t have a choice, he now has to execute what has been authorized to be paid.
  • No previous Congress can bind a future Congress w/ debt.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on 14th Amendment 

Karine Jean-Pierre –  It is not going to deal w/ the problem that we are currently having at this moment. We need to focus on Congress doing their job.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Transportation Sec Pete ButtigiegIt is cheaper to fill up a car or truck w/ electrons, typically than w/ gas or diesel.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene on the floor General SpeechesDiscusses her Articles of Impeachment for 5 people.

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    S8 E1680-Unforced Error Of The Century, DeSantis To Announce Plan To Lose To Trump Mike Church

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