S8 E1660-Star Trek In Real Life- Space X Will Make History And We Will Broadcast It

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel
Elon Musk and SpaceX

We will be airing the liftoff live today on the Crusade Channel.

23m NFL and COVID Vaccines

Good Morning America – Damar Hamlin

  • He was administered CPR on the field for over 9 minutes.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Damar Hamlin opens up about his ‘remarkable’ recovery 

  • There was a 13 second delay when asked what happened to him 2 months ago. 
  • If you were to ask Damar Hamlin today what happened to him he is Johnny on the spot.

AUDIO/VIDEO: CDC Rochelle Walensky testifying before congress on COVID Individuals could and do in fact spread COVID, contrary to her earlier statements attributing this change to ‘an evolution of science’. 

  • The problem here is people like you and I.
  • We broadcast every single day.
  • We watched this fall out happen in real time and we have it all recorded.
  • We are in the middle of lockdown hell with our recordings that we air daily.
  • Remember Dr Fauci back at that time?
  • Donald Trump signed off on this COVID Taskforce at the time.
  • To hear Rochelle and Fauci just get up there and lie over and over again is just infuriating. 
  • Bat Pence Crazy – instead of Bat Shit Crazy
  • Scientific Laws are hypotheticals – Br Francis Malouf
39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Delano Squires on Jason Whitlock ShowAlmost every example of social disorder in our culture can be traced back to the breakdown of the family. Marriage should be the only ‘situation’ that produces children. Not live in boyfriend or significant other. First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in the baby carriage. 

KISSING – first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.

TEXTING – first comes sex, then comes baby, then comes marriage….maybe.

  • We need to get the order correct and he is 100% correct on that.
  • Where he falls short is explaining this is Catholicism and Christianity.
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Robert Kennedy Jr

  • His website Children’s Health Defense.
    He actually does so much work on childhood vaccinations.
  • He shows direct links from the number of shots and age, to autism in our young boys.
  • Remember the COVID death count tickers?
  • Remember when they changed from DEATHS to CASES?
  • Remember when they went from hospital cases to PCR cases?

HEADLINE: We Were Lied to! Doctors Were Bribed to Convince Their Patients to Get Endless Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines (During the COVID-19 plandemic, our government constantly told us to “trust our doctors” and “ask our doctors about COVID-19 vaccines.”) by Madge Waggy 

  • Insurance companies didn’t provide this money out of the goodness of their hearts; taxpayers provided the money. We paid for COVID vaccines to be developed, bought the vaccine doses, paid the billions given by the Department of Health and Human Services to public relations agencies that contracted with media companies to manipulate us with only positive propaganda on COVID-19 vaccines, and paid for the bribes given to healthcare providers administering the vaccines.

Commander John F. Sharpe

Department of History, University of Delaware

Founder of IHS Press

The Outline of Sanity by GK Chesterton was the first book we printed at IHS Press.

QUESTION: What lead you to this economic works like Economics for Helen?

ANSWER: Off the top of my head 2 historical events that happened in my life. Working in reverse, w/ the Navy I am technically retired but retain my commission, I lived in Southern Italy for 2 1/2 years, I met a dear friend that studied distributes and economics. 

  • This is an assertion that goes around and I want if you will indulge me on this make 5 points to this statement. 
  • (Chesterton and Belloc were socialist)
  • Chesterton was a socialist and then he converted.
  • Anyone who is a convert was by definition something else at one point in their life.
  • He was a socialist in his younger years so yes you may come across some old socialist stuff.
  • Chesterton and Belloc – 
  • I hesitate to push people around intellectually but every time you said something if I tell you to go read X,Y,Z and they come back either convinced or not then you have a dialogue of true constructive free dialogue. 
  • Both parties MUST desire the TRUTH! 
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SpaceX Starship Launch

  • Elon Musk has a live fee we will air LIVE on radio and Roku.
  • If you are a space nerd, history was made today.
  • This is the first firing of the warp drive! 
  • There was a RUD = Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly 
2h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Nicole Malliotakis on if Dr Fauci lied to Congress under oath 

Honorable Ratcliffe – Some of Dr Fauci’s testimony is inconsistent w/ some of the intelligence that we have, that remains classified as well as inconsistencies w/ some information that is publicly available. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Protecting Children

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Mayorkas a liar – After she called him a liar the chairman has her words taken down and then, her time removed and barred from speaking again.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Protecting Children 

Rep David Ciccilline (RI) – Have we gotten to a place where when you show up at immigrations you are on your own. That isn’t who we are as a country. 

Rep Harriet Hagemen (WY) – I take it then that you supported the Born Alive Act since you are describing the need to protect children?

Rep David Ciccilline – I don’t think the Born Alive Act has anything to do w/ young children.

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Fettermna chaired a subcommittee hearing todayThis is his opening statement.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Good Samaritan Lenora (helped the couple that was being beaten in Chicago)I was told by the desk sergeant that this was going to happen, that it would keep happening b/c Brandon Johnson got elected and that floored me. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson defending the teens night of terror Demonizing children is wrong, they’re young. Sometimes they make silly decisions. They do and so we have to make sure that we are investing to make sure that young people know that they’re supported. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Patti LuPone on the ViewI have said this before, I don’t know what the difference b/w our Christian right and the Taliban. What is happening in this country in the name of religion is so dangerous.

3h25m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Nashville 

Peter Doocy – 3 of law makers that protested after the Nashville shooting have been invited to the WH. Have any of the victims or the victims families been invited to the WH?

Jean-Pierre – I don’t have anything to read out to you about any invitation.

HEADLINE: Things are getting really weird in the housing market by Lance Lambert 

HEADLINE: Homebuyers with good credit to pay higher mortgage rates by Devan Markham 

  • TKD tells story of the home next-door to us that sat on the market for years.
  • This home, in a sellers market this home is a gem.
  • A young couple won’t move from a 2bd to a 4bd b/c they won’t pay the interest rates on this house.
  • They’d have to pay close to $2,400 per month w/ today’s interest rate.
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    S8 E1660-Star Trek In Real Life- Space X Will Make History And We Will Broadcast It Mike Church

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