Why The Pentagon Gamer Leaker Is A Bigger Threat Than The Russians

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The Mike Church Show
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S8 E1656 Why The Pentagon Gamer Leaker Is A Bigger Threat Than The Russians

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel
11m HEADLINE: The Universal by Paul Kingsnorth 

  • I could write about what online reading has done to concentration spans, what smartphone use has done to social mores, how the brains of young children have been rewired by tablets and screens. I could write about social credit systems or facial scans or vaccine passports or online porn or cyber-bullying or cobalt mines or the decline of journalism or the death of the high street. So much content is on offer – and it’s all free!
  • Nothing I can say here would be anything like as extreme as the impact that the digital revolution has had on our cultures, minds and souls in just a few short years. Everything has changed, and yet the real changes are only just beginning. By the time they are finished, unless we pay attention, we may barely be human at all.
  • Joe Rogan show done by AI – thousands watched it and didn’t even know it wasn’t Joe Rogan.
HEADLINE: What’s behind the US baby bust? Americans are prioritizing careers and leisure activities over having a family… as experts say this has set the US on an irreversible path to economic destruction by Mansur Shaheen 

  • We discussed this topic just yesterday.
  • This is on the back of 20% of youths now identifying as queer in some way shape or form.
  • This is an extinction level event here.


HEADLINE: Bud Light’s Parent Company Loses Over $6 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney Backlash by Eric Lendrum 

HEADLINE: Top Bud Light execs were blindsided by Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign: report by Ariel Zilber 

  • Don’t believe for one second that the top executives didn’t know this was going to happen.
  • That campaign was planned.
  • It wasn’t something that “just happened”. 
  • The worlds largest company InBev is not looking like they are going to survive this. 
  • Men and women that own bars are pulling these beers.
  • Their customers are not buying it anymore.
AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on April 10thThere is no excuse for these kinds of documents to be in the public domain. They don’t deserve to be in the public domain.

  • We have US troops on the ground right now in Ukraine.
  • That is what those leaked documents state.
  • Zelensky thinks he can operate an offensive against Russia via Ukraine.
  • This is madness!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Merrick Garland on Pentagon Leakers ArrestJack Douglas Teixeira, 21 year old national guardsman in connection to the leak of US intelligence documents. 

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Elon Musk Tweet – Any parent or doctor who sterilizes a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life.
1h25m The Pentagon Leak

HEADLINE: The Crackdown Cometh by Matt Taibbi 

  • A quick review reveals multiple media portraits already out depicting him as a dangerous incel who shared his wares on Discord, a social media app where “racist memes” and “offensive jokes” flourish.
  • I wonder if the ACLU will come to the defense of Jack Douglas Teixeira?
  • They sure defended Manning?
  • The intelligence community has itself been massively interfering in domestic news using illegal leaks for years. Remember the Why Did Obama Dawdle on Russia’s Hacking?” story by David Ignatius of the Washington Post in January of 2017, outing would-be Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as having been captured in intercepts speaking with a Russian ambassador? That was just the first in a string of leak- or intercept-based news stories that dominated news cycles in the Trump years, involving everything from conclusions of the FISA court to supposedly secret meetings in the Seychelles.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Glenn GreenwaldThey love leaks when the CIA and Homeland security tell them to leak when it serves them but when the truth is at stake, they hunt down the leaker. 

  • Lloyd Austin LIED in the WH Press Briefing. 
  • He was asked point blank if we had US troops in Ukraine.
  • He said absolutely NOT.
  • Why isn’t Austin being prosecuted? 
  • These same people want your children, should they be born and commit the crime to VENMO money, they will be forced to 1099 their friends!
  • Anything over $600 for the year or over 200 transactions.
  • Our daughters use VENMO all the time with their friends. 
  • One will pay for dinner and the rest will VENMO their portion of the bill to their friends. 
1h40m Caller Rose W in Ohio (reel for the day)

  • The low birthrate – we aren’t replacing ourselves fast enough.
  • It makes me laugh when they say we don’t have enough kids but not only are people not having kids b/c they are more interested in other things.
  • There are tons that have fertility issues.
  • We have more now than ever that can’t get pregnant.
  • I think a lot of this has to do w/ GMO’s and other things in our food supply.
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CGI Image of Joe Rogan

  • Their voices are scripted by AI.
  • They sound just like Joe Rogan.
  • The AI picked Altman as the interview subject.
  • The music, composed by the AI.
  • If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you…I don’t know what will.
  • This AI technology has no boundaries. 

HEADLINE: The Universal by Paul Kingsnorth

Question #1 – Why does digital technology feel so revolutionary?

  • Of course,  no moratorium resulted from this plea, and it never will. The AI acceleration continues, even though most AI developers are unsure about where it is heading. More than ‘unsure’ in fact: many of them seem to be actively frightened of what is happening even as they make it happen. Consider this one chilling fact: when polled for their opinions, over half of those involved in developing AI systems said they believe there is at least a ten percent chance that they will lead to human extinction.
  • To compare AIs to the last great technological threat to the world, nuclear weapons, says Harris, would be to sell the bots short. ‘Nukes don’t make stronger nukes’, he says. ‘But AIs make stronger AIs.’
  • This is absolutely terrifying! 

Question #2 – What impulse is making this happen?

Question #3 – What if it’s not a metaphor?

Ezra Klein – “I often ask them the same question: If you think calamity so possible, why do this at all? Different people have different things to say, but after a few pushes, I find they often answer from something that sounds like the A.I.’s perspective. Many — not all, but enough that I feel comfortable in this characterization — feel that they have a responsibility to usher this new form of intelligence into the world.”

  • They are trying to steal the gods themselves – or to build their own versions. 
  • Humans are fundamentally religious animals. We are drawn towards transcendence whether we like it or not. But here in the West, we have dethroned our old god, and now we can barely look at him.
  • SO – WHO SITS on our throne now?
  • If I’m understanding what he is writing here, you try to stop one of these AI what are the other 39 going to do?
  • I don’t like James Cameron you might want to go watch it this weekend…it’s called the Terminator. 
















Free Farm Friday

Farmer Brian K from Texas 

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

  • There is a 3 prong attempt to kill us all.
  • Starve us our or let us die of thirst. 

Question: How much ground can 18,000 cows cover?

  • Based on the size of an average adult cow, 18,000 cattle standing 3 to 4 feet apart could cover 26 football fields.
  • Gfeller said malfunctioning farm equipment may have caused the explosion. Texas fire officials were investigating.
  • Castro County is the second-highest-producing county in Texas, with 15 dairies yielding 148 million pounds of milk a month, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • You can thank environmental regulations for pushing these dairies out in Texas.
  • North of Austin and SW of Fort Worth they were high producing milk area.
  • Late 1990’s they tested the water and they decided to start regulating the elements in the water
  • They forced these small dairies to sell to the government, close down or move.
  • Smaller dairies couldn’t keep up w/ the regulations thus you get this super large dairy places where they house 18,000 cows.
  • Regulations actually make a worse environmental issue b/c it makes BIGGER farms that are out of scale and they actually pollute MORE than a smaller in scale local farm.
  • They can’t use mass grave per Texas Commission regulations, so where and how will they dispose of all of these cows?
  • There are a lot of things that have to be done to a remains but can the remains be used for dog food. 
  • You have a few other things that they feed, some grass additives and other things.
  • These are just milking cows and sometimes they do go dry.
  • If you are finishing beef or milking your grain rations come in.
  • 180,000 lbs of grain a DAY was used to feed these animals.
  • This grain was being transported by rail to this farm.
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    Why The Pentagon Gamer Leaker Is A Bigger Threat Than The Russians Mike Church

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