S8 E1637 Bailouts For Me And The First Bank of Woke But Not For Thee MAGA Peasants!

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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Time  New Christendom Daily Topics & Headlines
6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel

  • Biden goes to California for ‘gun control’ but still hasn’t been to East Palestine OH.
  • Banking Crisis is being played down by the Regime.
  • Russia/Ukraine conflict rages on.
43m HEADLINE: All-women Wellesley College to vote on admitting trans, nonbinary applicants by Emily Crane 

  • What an irony that this college was created specifically for women that were being discriminated against w/ Ivy League schools (that were predominately male) is not being infiltrated by….males.
  • This college truly was created for women b/c they were actually being discriminated by Ivy league schools are stupid enough to allow MEN pretending to be women into the university and no one seems to have an issue w/ this.
  • This is an affront to God.
HEADLINE: John Fetterman could remain hospitalized for 2 more weeks as docs try to get meds ‘exactly right’: report by Victor Nava 

  • This man gets to vote on war, he gets a say so in budgets etc but he needs to be super medicated to even function? 
  • How does this help this country?
  • We have someone that has had a stroke, he is clinically depressed and his job is very stressful. 
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1h24m HEADLINE: Operation Prison Camp by Elizabeth Nickson

  • Whatever happened to all the dioxin tests they were supposed to do in East Palestine Ohio?
  • The same people: Vanguard, Black Rock, State Street and all the other lovely hedgies preying on every man woman and child, like fearsome vultures needing constant infusions of our life’s energies.
  • Why are CDC and Health Canada trailers all over the heartland offering $175 per three hour questionnaire, which includes vitamins, gun ownership, vax status and every other health question you can imagine? 
  • The government tried to blame the fire chief of a town of 5,000 for lighting the chemicals. That is not how it works in rural America. The Department of Interior through its various agencies micro-manages every watercourse, farm, range and forest. Whoever gave that order was at the top of the food chain: the governor, advised by Interior by the Office of the President. Every single interest was consulted and signed off in a prescribed chain of decisions, before the train car was drained of vinyl chloride and the fire was lit.
  • Sounds like the woke have to redefine anything.
  • Most of you think mom and pop when you hear the phrase “small business”. 
  • If you have a company borrowing $100 million to do HR and teach about pronouns…that is NOT a small business!



















Special Guest 

Jeremy Tate

CEO of Classic Learning Test


  • There needed to be an alternative to these standardized tests for college entrance.
  • There are well over 2 dozen colleges we work with.

HEADLINE: Steubenville bishop bans Latin Mass at Franciscan University, effective immediately by Tyler Arnold 

  • Catholic schools are using public school textbooks and public school exams.
  • So what makes them different than public schools?
  • They aren’t even doing daily or weekly Mass so there is NO different. 
  • In Everlasting Man Chesterton seeks to demonstrate the providential ordering of history and the uniqueness of human beings in general and of the person of Jesus Christ in particular. 
  • The cool kids were never the main stream.
  • The cool kids were always the outcast.
  • The cool kid now is the kids that choose to go to Christendom College.
  • The NON-normal kids are the cool kids.
  • Hillsdale and Patrick Henry College – 
  • Patrick Henry College 95% came from a homeschool K-12 background. 
  • Their average LSAT score is the highest in the country. 
  • These students blow me away, you meet kids from these Universities, they are different, they have been formed in a different way!
  • This puts us at a huge advantage. 
  • Author Bank on the website – 
  • Standardized testing isn’t just about results. At Classic Learning Test, we believe standardized testing provides an invaluable opportunity to engage students with the texts and authors that have shaped history and culture. 
  • No more meaningless reading passages stripped of beauty, rich vocabulary, virtue, and intellectual rigor. CLT exams recognize the men and women who have contributed to the richness of philosophy and thought that we have inherited. Two-thirds of CLT reading and writing passages are drawn from the list of authors below.
  • Hillsdale College – refused to accept any student that was on a government backed loan.
  • They had a mission and they continued to do what they knew was right.
  • Classic Liberal Arts – they don’t teach Catholicism there but they teach a very well rounded curriculum.
  • TSC there are no majors but the students are highly recruited! 
  • Same with Christendom College.
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2h32m AUDIO: The fake banking system explained in under five minutesfrom the audio book version of  The Creature of Jekyll Island

  • When the Catholic Church bowed out and said usury is a sin but we can’t stop it things went crazy and off the rails.
  • This was a master stroke by the devil.
  • Mammon unleashed itself that day.
  • The average American is by and large lawful and peaceful.
  • They want someone else, a politician to do it for them.
  • I don’t want a parallel world, I want one that is Christian!

HEADLINE: Moody’s downgrades Signature Bank to junk, places six U.S. banks under review by Reuters 

  • The banks placed under review for downgrade are First Republic Bank (FRC.N), Zions Bancorporation (ZION.O), Western Alliance Bancorp (WAL.N), Comerica Inc (CMA.N), UMB Financial Corp and Intrust Financial Corporation, Moody’s said.
  • Why didn’t Moody’s downgrade them PRIOR to the collapse?
2h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Signature BankNo one at any of these banks seems to spend a lot of time banking. (Signature bank dance party)

  • This is so cringe – They used a Katy Perry song to do this ‘commercial’. 
  • Where they actually doing ANY banking at Signature bank?
  • This is a bank that held $170 billion in deposits.
  • Who was throwing money to these people?

HEADLINE: San Franciscans line up at board meeting to sing and shout their support for a reparations plan to give every black resident $5M, wipe personal debt, provide $97K incomes and homes for just $1 – and no one asks how the city will foot the bill by Harriet Alexander 

  • Where is the state going to get the money from for this?
  • Where are these $1 homes going to be?
  • Public teachers, police, firemen etc – their retirement/pension plans are through the roof and bankrupting the state.
  • The entire state is just upside down.
  • None of their policies are sustainable. 
  • Between April 2020 and July 2022 the number of those leaving California surpassed the number of people moving in by more than 700,000.
  • Between July 2021 and July 2022, California lost roughly 211,000 people according to data from California’s Department of Finance.
  • Half of those — 113,048, were from Los Angeles County alone.
  • Meanwhile, Texas gained about 884,000 people and Florida gained about 707,000 people in the same time period.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Julie Kelly w/ Steve Bannon on Jan 6This issue is a big one w/ the base almost as big as immigration. The American people now know that they have been deceived by the Jan 6th committee. 
3h12m HEADLINE: Why Jacob Chansley Matters by Bradley Devlin 

  • U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Royce Lamberth said, “no condition or combination of conditions” could ensure Chansley’s return to court if released. Lambert said that Chansley’s “detachment from reality” and refusal to listen to law enforcement meant Chansley was likely to repeat the behavior if he were to be let out before trial.
  • Despite his plentiful flaws, poor judgment and wrongdoings, and clear mental health problems, Chansley’s case still matters. It matters not only as a matter of human decency and justice, but because the regime thinks you’re just as bad. If you think the election was fishy; if you want critical race theory out of your children’s classroom; if you want to put an end to genital mutilation for preteens in the name of transgenderism and outlaw the dismemberment of unborn children in the womb, then you too are a QAnon Shaman. You’re just better at hiding it, for now.
  • We already know this Judge and these attorneys did not have access to that CCTV.
  • They had only what the Jan 6th committee gave them.
  • We can tell you what is not happening here….JUSTICE.
JUST IN: Florida Department of Professional Regulation has REVOKED the Hyatt Regency Miami’s liquor license due to hosting a Drag Queen Christmas, an “all ages” drag show after being warned they were breaking Florida Law.
HEADLINE: ‘I’m here with you today to act’: President Biden visits LA to discuss gun violence by Fox 11 
3h22m HEADLINE: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The ‘Naked’ Dress by Elle Purnell 
HEADLINE: Girls basketball team banned from competing after forfeiting to team with trans player by Jesse O’Neill 

  • We need to stop calling these boys trans.
  • They are BOYS pretending to be girls.
HEADLINE: Pope Francis: ‘Gender ideology’ is one of ‘most dangerous ideological colonizations’ by Timothy H.J. Nerozzi 

  • “Why is it dangerous?” he continued. “Because it blurs differences and the value of men and women. All humanity is the tension of differences. It is to grow through the tension of differences. The question of gender is diluting the differences and making the world the same, all dull, all alike, and that is contrary to the human vocation.” – Pope Francis
3h36m AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki on Stephen ColbertMSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual, you have to go through a process before you air anything.

  • They have desk editors, they have all manner of editors at every single news organization.









HEADLINE: Capitalism Produces Socialism by Andrew Willard Jones 

  • There is a lot of talk these days about an increasing interest in socialism. It is quite the conundrum if approached within the assumptions of late liberalism: why indeed would the victors in the Cold War seek to become their vanquished enemies? Pope Pius XI helps us through this problem. He helps us see that socialism does not emerge out of nothing, but rather is produced out of liberal society. We have a rise in socialism precisely because we are increasingly liberal, increasingly capitalistic. Liberalism and socialism are locked in a battle that only occurs within the social space cleared by liberalism. As liberalism succeeds in its clearing, socialism always joins it by colonizing the empty space. Liberalism and socialism, individualism and collectivism, are, therefore, two sides of the same coin—a coin brought into being by replacing structures of solidarity with structures of self-interest. Opposition to socialism is therefore only coherent when it takes the form of a commitment not to liberalism but to social solidarity and so, ultimately, to Christianity.
  • I will serve! God grant me the grace to love you more this day!
  • Pius’s answer to our question might be a bit hard to our ears. Pius blames capitalism (which he sometimes refers to as “individualist economics,” as the “current economic system,” or most often as “liberalism”). I know that many of us recoil from this. But this is a bias that we must overcome if we are going to understand the wisdom in Pius’s teaching. Pius asserts that we must navigate between the reefs of individualism on one side and collectivism on the other.[2] For Pius, collectivists are only the flipside of the individualist coin— collectivism is born out of individualism. They are bound up together like a two-headed monster. As Pius stated succinctly: “Let all remember that Liberalism is the father of this Socialism that is pervading morality and culture and that Bolshevism will be its heir.” 
  • Do you have Democracy in your home?
  • Do you allow your children to have a family vote on if child A should be punished?
  • Or do the parents run the household?
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