S8 E1628 South Africa’s Infrastructure Collapse Is A Preview Of What’s Coming to Muricah

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The Mike Church Show
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  • Golden Truth Ticket sales update
  • Katie Hobbs and Arizona voter fraud
  • South Africa energy crisis



















HEADLINE: Why Bother? by Vincent McCaffrey 

  • To what purpose? That is the question of each individual life; one that is asked at least 8 billion times a day. Said in a less cosmetic manner: why bother?
  • The religious among us may strive to meet the commandments of our faiths, where our failures may be more visible than our successes, but at least there is a theme to our lives.
  • Some of us follow our own codes of conduct. This can be interesting to observe, and perhaps more exciting in outcome, but it’s sometimes dangerous. Some have secular philosophies as broadly encompassing as most religions. These can be very persuasive to the bewildered and to those who have lost faith when an older belief has failed.
  • Without some attachment to Christianity, what is going to stop an AI, the AI programer tells it what to do right?
  • Other real dangers loom. If our human abilities become inferior to some sort of AI, especially ones we have invented ourselves, how might we stand in the eyes of a God in whose image we believe ourselves to be made? Does that call into question the omnipotence of the Creator, or does it only enhance the value of the creator?
  • What happens to our young girls?
  • His three laws of robotics are: 

1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 

2) A robot must obey commands given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law. 

3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the 1st or 2nd law. All very pat.

  • If the struggle to better ourselves, which is manifestly evident in mankind’s history, will only lead to our self-destruction, why bother? If every challenge we meet and overcome is only met with another, greater one, why bother? The answer is that we must bother so that we may have any future at all.
  • At the end of the day, it is a rejection of God. 
  • Against natures creator. 
  • You don’t want to live in a world where Christ has been removed.
  • Maybe you progress by how many Saints are in our midst?
  • Why can’t we measure our societal success by that?
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Texas House of Representative Bryan Slaton District 2

HB 2889 Providing Property Tax Relief of Families

  • If you have 4+ you will receive a 40% tax credit.
  • If you have 10 children you will pay ZERO property tax!

Brian K our resident farmer 

  • Legislature is in session right now and they only meet every 2 years.
  • This bill has basically just been introduced. 
  • This guarantees the public school monopoly. 
  • Pay this tax or we will take your property.
  • So there is no tax relief for homeschool families. 
  • Bobby Jindal put a bill that would have given relief to homeschool families but it was squashed here in the state of Louisiana.
1h50m HEADLINE: Greece train crash: at least 40 killed and dozens injured in collision by Helena Smith 

  • Where is our government on all of these train derailments?
  • What is happening to our infrastructure all over the world it seems?
1h55m HEADLINE: Why South Africa’s Collapse Finally Came Down to Eskom by Helen Andrews 

  • Question #1 – Why is ONE utility company in charge of power for 40,000 people?
  • Because the government in Africa says that is how it is going to be.
  • Load Shedding = rolling blackouts 
  • De Ruyter was Eskom’s last, best hope. The board is not likely to find another CEO with the competence to handle this impossible job and the willingness to undertake it at the risk of death. The criminal forces that harried De Ruyter throughout his tenure will most likely now carry on their predations free of any remaining obstacles, enriching themselves until there is nothing left to loot. The dominos that would fall in the case of a total grid collapse start with phone lines, internet, and traffic lights, and end with looting, crime, and civil unrest.
  • Why Eskom? Because it sits at the intersection of the three themes of South Africa’s long decline: politics, incompetence, and crime.
  • Go read Ilana Mercer’s Into the Cannibals Pot 
  • Their pie in the sky solar panels etc just isn’t working for South Africa.
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HEADLINE: Biden admin offers $1.2 billion for distressed, shut nuclear plants by Mike Blake 

  • President Joe Biden’s climate team believes nuclear power is a crucial source of virtually carbon-free electricity needed to be maintained and expanded to reach his pledge of what it calls 100% clean electricity by 2035.

HEADLINE: Why nuclear power is safer than ever by Helmuth Boeck 

  • The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel. 
  • The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has concluded that, apart from some 5000 thyroid cancers (resulting in 15 fatalities), “there is no evidence of a major public health impact attributable to radiation exposure 20 years after the accident.”
  • The funding comes from the $6 billion Civil Nuclear Credit program, created by the 2021 infrastructure law, and will be distributed by the Department of Energy (DOE).
  • So even the Biden Regime knows you need nuclear power.
BACK to South Africa Rolling Black Outs
2h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Lori LightfootNot only is a right-wing Donald Trump stronghold, last night the QAnon army came for Lori Lightfoot. According to her the MAGA sleeper cells woke up and made sure she wasn’t re-elected.

  • Do you guys/gals remember Black Hawk Down?
  • Why were our troops sent there?
  • The Unified Task Force to capture Somali faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid
  • New Orleans Airport – do you know why the letters are MSY?
  • MSY = Moisant Stock Yards
AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Josh Hawley questioning Hon Merrick GarlandThe FBI field office in Richmond memorandum, exploration of trip wire and source development including those that favor the Latin Mass. Are you cultivating spies in the Latin Mass.

  • Thank you Senator Hawley for asking the DIRECT question on the FBI going after Traditional Catholics.
  • He also called out SPLC as a left-wing organization.




















HEADLINE: Is Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Governor, owned by the Sinaloa Cartel? Are 25% of Arizona’s Judges Corrupt? by Elizabeth Nickson 

  • The political establishment and the left used the covid-19 crisis to push for nationwide mail-in voting. 
  • This increased the number of ballots cast by mail from 28.8 million in 2016 to 66.4 million in 2020.
  • This fundamentally changed the outcome of the 2020 election.

Twitter Thread@KanekoaTheGreat

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Chip Roy on immigration & open bordersWhat is this side of the isle doing about open borders? What is this side of the isle gonna do about the debt? NOTHING, we should say something right now.

  • Mostly they laundered drug money through single family residences. 
  • There was so much money that they began to bribe public officials and their support staff. That way they could insert fake documents into the county system and remove any exculpatory evidence.
  • Jaqueline Berger at least twenty-five percent of the judiciary in Arizona has been bribed by the Sinaloa cartel. Possibly more.
  • QUESTION: So how does it work exactly?
  • ANSWER: The cartel does it– and this is Soros’s tactic as well –  they approach a smaller legal practice and say to a partner, we will buy your practice if you run for the judiciary, and we will make sure you will win. A public sector judge earns far less than a private sector attorney, so the lawyer is made whole. Most of the time, their decisions are honest, until the cartel or a Soros agent makes a call.
  • Investigators are in possession of 10,000 falsified documents from county registrar’s offices and 15,000 fake notarizations that show a massive bribery scheme of public officials. They have 8,000 pages of cellphone and text records that show participants in action.
  • Laundering through single family housing is the simplest form of money laundering. Remember that Arizona, after the 08 crash, was in possession of an astounding amount of excess housing that had been abandoned by buyers, sellers and builders. A lot of those were scooped up by the cartel. Basic scam goes as follows (and they can get very much more complicated): Judge A buys a house from a fake seller, ie the cartel, putting down 5%. He pays a mortgage into a fake loan account held by a phantom mortgage company, at Wells Fargo, which demonstrates the mortgage is being paid. The money is then transferred back to his account and over time, he owns the house.
  • Treasury Department got the money 1st
  • QUESTION: Who got the money 2nd?
  • ANSWER: The Banks 
  • QUESTION: Who actually loaned the PPE money?
  • QUESTION: Who loaned it directly to YOU?
  • Now when the banks got it, they paid all their bills, then what happens?
  • Now we are in the 3rd generation of money going out.
  • Our neighbor bought his house for $175,000 OVER the asking price.
  • What is he going to do now?
  • He is absolutely SCREWED!
  • He is stuck in that house forever as he will NEVER get the amount he paid for that house.
AUDIO/VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric AdamsDon’t tell me about no separation of church & state. State is the body, Church is the heart. You take the heart out fo the body the body dies. 

  • Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
  • He said he couldn’t remove his faith just b/c he was a politician. 
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