S8 E1734 Maui Needs A Hero And Biden Is The Villain In This Vale Of Tears

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The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • COVID is back according to the MSM
  • Lockdowns and Mask Mandates are coming soon
  • Massive sunspot on the sun that could take out Earth













COVID New Mutated Variant

Poll in the chatroom – What will the average American do if the government implements lockdowns and mask mandates again?

HEADLINE: DISCUSS: Are they prepping for Plandemic 2.0? 

HEADLINE: The Tyranny of Cause and Effect Scientism by Todd Hayen

  • 1.81 trillion photos were taken by the average American in 2020
  • 143 billion a month
  • 4.7 billion per day
  • It isn’t the joy of living life.
  • The sound will be made whether or not you are there to hear it, when the tree falls in nature.

HEADLINE: Life Seen Through The Lens of An Actual Camera Is So Beautiful Not Even “Leftards” Can Screw It Up by Mike Church 

  • In 1960, 65% of all photos taken were of babies because parents, aunts, uncles and the family, loved seeing the world through the joy their children saw in it.
  • So why is material cause-and-effect-science tyranny? Well, it isn’t the whole truth. If it were the whole truth there would be nothing to hide, therefore there would be no power in the materialist paradigm. But since it isn’t the whole truth, and in its belligerent insistence to be the whole truth, it bars us, the observers, from seeing and applying the rest of the truth to our human experience.
  • This “other truth” includes the aforementioned love, dreams, intuition, God, myth, mystery, and a myriad of other very human “things” that generally, if left alone to do their magic (yes, magic is another one) we would be more content, purposeful, and have more meaningful lives. Let me say that again in another way—if stripped of our reality of love, dreams, intuition, God, myth, and mystery, we would hardly be able to call ourselves human, and we would hardly be able to have any sort of meaningful life. Yet this is what “scientism” wants us to do—to believe that none of these things are real. Herein lies its tyranny.
  • Will the average American just go back?
  • Will they accept more tyranny?
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Back to the Off-Guardian Article by Todd Hayen 

  • Understanding the physical world is indeed important, but it isn’t all there is to understand, and people have been indoctrinated since birth to believe “science” is the great definer of reality.
  • Science only gives credence to half the picture, and in its, and its practitioners, arrogance has decided to wield this credence as a weapon – not all scientists, mind you, just the ones under the thumb of money, power, and corrupt government.
  • The stupid white lab coat – if someone puts one on, he/she is to be ‘respected’ as having knowledge of all important things.
1h27m Hawaii Fires

  • All the people in Hawaii wanted was someone in leadership to own up, man up and walk through the rubble, help in some instances…to tell them…You start rebuilding your lives. You don’t worry, we have funds, and other support on the way for you. You work on your family and we got the rest of this.
  • That was all that was needed!
  • To the people of Maui, we are here, the American people are behind you, we support you.
  • They are looking for a hero.
  • They are looking for comfort.
  • They are looking for someone to just tell them it is going to be okay.
  • Men failed to lead during the COVID crisis.
  • Men put on the mask and did what their wives told them to do.
  • Most of that mask, COVID hysteria was due to a lack of manhood in the homes.
  • The women/wives of the home told their husbands to wear the mask to stay home etc.
JUST IN: India has landed a probe on the moon’s south pole.
HEADLINE: Joe Antoinette Biden lies to survivors, makes it all about himself in Hawaii by Post Editorial Board 

  • Even by Joe’s low standards, this trip was a debacle. Our tone-deaf commander-in-chief takes off from the Lake Tahoe home of a Democratic donor, does a fly-by of the island, then turns around to go back on vacation. Mission accomplished!
  • Old Christendom needs heroes! 
  • We need a King Saint Louis 9.


HEADLINE: Biden’s Lazy Response To Catastrophes Like Hawaii Fire Proves He Is A Liability by Jordan Boyd 

  • Biden’s slow, aloof response isn’t just an offense to the people of Hawaii, which voted him into office. It’s also a stain on his presidency and proves that his “leadership” is a liability.
  • Biden is a liability to the country that is riddled with problems at home and abroad because he does nothing but stoke those disasters.
  • Ronald Reagan – 
  • Whether you like it or not there is no one else out there that can do this but Trump.
  • Crisis Magazine even said it.

HEADLINE: Trump Is Running—With the GOP, or Against It by Philip Primeau 

  • This all started w/ COVID.
  • It was a controlled demolition. 
  • This is merely them finishing the job.
  • The first round of COVID was all about crushing the middle class.
  • All while attaining more wealth for the big guys.
  • Big businesses made bank.
  • Little mom and pop shops had to close their doors forever.
HEADLINE: Hilary Epilogue: How Easy It Is to Panic Americans by Dennis Prager 

  • Apparently, many Americans learned nothing from the 2020-2021 lockdowns. All the lockdowns did, as Sweden, without lockdowns or closed schools (for students under the age of 17), proved, was inflict terrible damage on the nation’s economy, the world’s economy, and the education and psyches of vast numbers of young people, and lead to the loss of a vast number of middle-class businesses.
  • It also seems clear that many Americans continue to trust their well-being to “experts” and to the government. Apparently, it is impossible for the government to cry “wolf” too often.


AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN hosts on Rich Men North of RichmondHow are people supposed to consume or digest this? The Trump moment flows downstream from him. It is a base that is agitated. For a lot of people their political choices are not just happening from watching the news. This is the Trump base, these people see themselves in the messaging. They feel like things are getting away from them.

  • The left simply can’t wrap their heads around why Americans are loving this song.
  • They are so out of touch with their constituents and this just proves it.
  • Oliver Anthony resonates b/c we all feel it.
  • We feel we are being left behind by our government.
  • We feel they don’t have our best interest at heart.
HEADLINE: What Is Heroism and Who Are the True Heroes? by Joseph Pearce 

  • Heroism is the same in all ages because, in essence, it is synonymous with holiness. A hero is someone who lays down his life for others. No greater love has anyone, says Our Lord, than to lay down his life for his friends. And since Our Lord also commands us to love our neighbor, we can see that a hero is one who lays down his life for his neighbors.
  • A true hero is one who makes a habit of heroism. He is one who lays down his life for others on a daily basis. He is one who knows that such heroism is not possible without God’s help. This is why true heroes do not hold their heads high in pride but bow them in prayer. A true hero is one who admits to himself his failures and confesses them to God. A true hero knows that he is not always heroic. He knows that heroism is cooperation with the will of God. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on Fulton County DARepublicans have to understand that they are in a political war that is extraordinary and unlike anything we’ve seen since the Civil War. The Georgia legislature should have a special session and disbar her. 

  • We need to start adding and tallying these things up.

























Brother Andre Marie

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • Narrative vs Meta-Narrative
  • Meta-Narrative or Grand-Narrative – gives meaning to your whole life.
  • Divine Revelation etc, our meta-narrative accommodates all the narratives fo the faith.
  • When you have a meta-narrative that doesn’t encompass all of that, it isn’t a true narrative.
  • Natural Law – 
  • The order of grace.
  • The peoples who’s meta-narrative are false and scientistic in nature and have a clear agenda that is not Christian. 
  • Lots of us saw pretty early on in the COVID nonsense we saw it.
  • We saw it b/c part of our meta-narrative, they weren’t on the side of good.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz on fresh lockdown threatsI’m not going back to gutter dining, eating in the streets when there is a perfectly good restaurant right there that the government thought it could close. If they’re coming back again, I think we’re going to have a lot more Americans a part of our political coalition to stand for freedom.

  • Congress cannot borrow another 6 trillion for PPE funding.
  • The resilience of the American people in the face of false propaganda. 
  • There is a thread there and they weave a tapestry around the thread.
  • The thread is there is a virus….then weave a narrative around it.
  • Then came the COVID narrative.
  • If you compare the numbers from 2020 to today on the COVID narrative, I think it is probably double what it was back then but even that isn’t a high number.
  • Programming and brain washing – 
  • 1917 the American people were sold on this.
  • Since then do you think the craft of propaganda has become more or less sophisticated? 
  • The technological means have even increased.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Venerable Fulton Sheen – What moment did all of this change? The dropping of the atom bomb. (start time 4:30)

  • The day of the dropping of the bomb in August 6th they immediately on moral principle the Saint Benedict Center disavowed that.
  • They didn’t even know there were Catholics there.
  • They were taught at Harvard that the Japanese were subhuman at this point.
  • Go back and look at Looney Tunes. 
  • This is what was being taught back then.
  • It wasn’t called woke back then but it was incredibly cruel and dehumanizing. 
  • Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine 
  • Canon 9:15 and 9:16 – 
  • If you know you are guilty of a moral sin you may not receive Communion – on individual
  • On the part of the Priest – Canon law binds them on that institutional abuse – someone who is a notorious public sinner is to be denied Holy Communion. 
  • This is PUBLIC this isn’t something that is based on hearsay. 
  • If the Priest knows it b/c of confession heard right before Mass, says he will not change his ways and then goes immediately to communion rail the Priest CANNOT deny him Holy Communion. 
  • Notorious public sinner – this is 100% Joe Biden. 
  • For years as Joe Doyle pointed out, he has been on the wrong side of life and the Catholic church has a pro-life stance and always has!
  • You should never receive unworthily. 
  • 1 Cor 11:17
3h49m Donald Trump Turning Himself in at Fulton GA

GOP Presidential Debate Tonight 

  • I guarantee you he made this call himself to not attend the GOP debate tonight.
  • He is going to do an interview w/ Tucker Carlson instead. 
  • The Whig party came to an end and devolved into ultimately the Democrat party.
  • There would never be another Whig again since 1852.
  • It was the dominant party before that.
  • This does serious damage to the Democrats plan to steal the election.
  • You have to deny the Trump and DeSantis votes if one goes off the GOP reservation. 
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    S8 E1734 Maui Needs A Hero And Biden Is The Villain In This Vale Of Tears Mike Church

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