How Big Pharma Makes And Releases Big Viruses For Big Profits with Indy Journalist George Webb

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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George Webb 

Author and Citizen Journalist 

  • You were coving this at the beginning of the Corona Doom. 
  • We never bought it for a second.
  • Gretchen Whitmer – she was lockdown Queen and we have a a lot of listeners there and they despise her.
  • She said you couldn’t go on your yacht in Michigan during the summer.
  • You couldn’t go to your cabin b/c you weren’t social distancing but her husband went camping and on his boat. 
  • I can see the dynamics here and you just have to play ball or else.
  • We outlined this group in Ukraine that was doing a lot of weird stuff w/ bioagents and he was in Hong Kong spraying people w/ something.
  • We saw all kinds of people at the highest level doing weird things. 
  • The super spreader event – NATO, DARPA
  • UkraineGate – 
  • Lab SARS – spike protein and spikes like the COVID and it was all in the same lab.
  • When you are doing a camera spot people know you are up to something.
  • I couldn’t be sneaky I’m 6’8”
  • Project Veritas – James O’Keefe 
  • I’ve never been a fan of these sting operations.
  • You came to this and was leery about it to.
  • You were challenging O’Keefe’s narrative b/c he got a patsy not a big fish.
  • Gain of Function – what did he get right and what did he get wrong?
  • This guy was a very low guy but he was put on this report w/ other high level people.
  • He flunked out of his 1st year at Tuffs, he was basically the pizza and coffee guy.
  • WEF and Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders 

HEADLINE: O’Keefe’s Only Crime Was Journalism About Jordon Walker And Boston Consulting Group by George Webb 

  • James O’Keefe really was trying to get to the bottom of the Pfizer.
  • There is an ongoing feud between a few higher ups in Project Veritas and they want Jame O’Keefe out.
  • Plain and simple that is what’s happening here w/ this paid leave stuff.
  • World War DARPA – 
  • DARPA is something we aren’t supposed to talk about. 
  • They are responsible for the technology 
  • DARPA has great inventions – like ethernet and the internet
  • No Al Gore didn’t create the internet.
  • Satellite stuff that came out of U2 program you find some of their dark stuff.
  • They started in w/ bioweapons.
  • You need sword and shield stuff. 
  • The bioweapon then the cure for it.
  • LIVE exercise – 
  • DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Project Agency 
  • This tech does filter down into our world.
  • Lawrence Preston Gise

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