Five Herb

Free Farm Friday: Five Herbs Every Household Should Have And The Suicidal Idiocy Of Converting Farmland To Solar Farms

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Five Herb
Free Farm Friday
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Free Farm Friday: Five Herbs Every Household Should Have And The Suicidal Idiocy Of Converting Farmland To Solar Farms

Wild Aster Farms – 

Brian and Melissa Owners – 

  • The herbs do really well b/c most produce their ‘crops’ in the spring and they tend to handle weather changes pretty well.
  • Most medicinal herbs, if you chose native ones, they can handle the fluctuation well.
  • DIY Herbal Gin Kit Our Herbal Gin Kit is a great way to experiment with making your own herbal spirits!  Gin is known for it’s flavor derived from juniper berries.  Along with the juniper berries, we have included other botanicals foraged from our farm, as well as some added seasonings and botanicals to help you get started making your own Herbal Infused Gin.  All you will need is a bottle of your favorite clear spirits and a few kitchen items and you will be well on your way to impressing your friends and family with homemade cocktails! The kit includes instructions and pre-measured botanicals to make one 750ml batch of gin.  Contents come in a re-usable cotton muslin bag.
  • Husband is a ‘wage slave’ so the wife Melissa definitely does most of the heavy lifting at the farm.
  • High blood pressure – yarrow is great for high blood pressure, there isn’t always ONE herb good for A, B or C…it typically has several that go together to work together for the issue.
  • Coughing – rosemary 
  • Crampy Tummy – mint
  • Menstrual Cramps – oregano
  • Achy Joints – curry powder
  • Upset GI tract – dill
  • Bloated – parsley
  • Congested – cayenne
  • Feeling down – basil
  • Tired – cilantro
  • Nauseous – ginger
  • Top 5 Herbs that every home MUST have – 
  • Yarrow (white flower)
  • Dandelion 
  • Comfrey, Calendula and Plantain 
  • Nervine Herb group (catnip, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile)
  • Adaptogenic Herbs (tulsi basil smells like Bazooka bubble gum when you run over it w/ the lawnmower)
  • All of these herbs can be made hot tea and then chilled.
  • Make a tea, freeze it and add it to a smoothie!
  • Make a tincture if you don’t like to drink tea.
  • Where you take the herb and infuse them in alcohol for few days then strain the herbs out and you have infused alcohol w/ the herb.


Farmer Brian K from Texas

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

HEADLINE: Solar subsidies amount to $50,000 per acre by Isaac Orr 

  • There will be less fowl life wherever windmills are.
  • The heat is also so intense from solar panels that it kills all manner of birds. 
  • Small solar panels used or attached to the battery, for a hot fence or a live fence.
  • The mobile fence that the SBC uses also uses the solar panel batteries for their electric fences

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