Brandon Sheard

Free Farm Friday: Butchering Isn’t About The Slaughter. Its About The Supper! with Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith

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Brandon Sheard
Free Farm Friday
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Free Farm Friday: Butchering Isn’t About The Slaughter. Its About The Supper! with Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith



  • Brandon and Lauren met in the spring of 2007 in southern California while finishing up their graduate degrees; Brandon in Renaissance English Literature, Lauren in Religion and Theology. They dated that summer and fall, introducing each other to Kierkegaard, Milton and de Lubac and by Christmas of that year, were engaged. On the very date of their engagement they were introduced to a home-building project on Vashon, where Brandon’s parents had just migrated to from Ventura County (where Brandon grew up), and they made the move to the Island the following February. They were married June of 2008, when Brandon simultaneously left his job at Whole Foods in the supplement department, in search of more rural work closer to home.
  • 1. BRAISE

THE KNIFE – sharpness is the most important thing, shape does not matter, sharpness is the only way.

KING sharpening stone – two different grits (this is all that is needed)

  • The homestead is in Oklahoma
  • Only on small family farms, today we don’t know how to cook the lean and the boneless so we breed for feast growth rates and non-flavor.
  • Small farms here are working on small economies.

YouTube Channel Farmstead Meatsmith 

These small farmers were seeing generational birth defects and issues from the massive breeding on the animals that we use for quick, bulk growth.

Pigs – Gloucester Old Spot Pork, Mangalitza Pork


Some names: Hampshire, Poland China, Chester White, Spotted Poland China

  • The existence of my business is proof this type of lifestyle is growing.
  • Largely inspired by the human health issues we are seeing.
  • Heart disease, autism, high cholesterol etc
  • The one thing that is a very slow start is small farms producing wonderful fruits either meat or veggies, it doesn’t usually support the family with selling to outside the family.
  • It typically just sustains the family.
  • Muscovy Duck – 
  • BOOK – Jane Grigson ‘Good Things’
  • RABBITS – you can put their poop directly onto your garden b/c it is very low in nitrogen. 
  • Marchand de Vin
  • COOP vs RANGE – small homestead you will need a coop with a run that is all enclosed, with DOORS so you can let them out if you’d like.
  • To start with a small farm what is the first animal you should start with? – RABBITS
  • LARD – used to be why anyone would raise pigs. Beautiful what fat in sausage can only be gotten from the back fat. 
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    Free Farm Friday: Butchering Isn’t About The Slaughter. Its About The Supper! with Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith Justin Redman

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