Christmas, The Catholic Imagination And The Sin Of Cynicism

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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Joseph Pearce

Author of Further Up and Further In, Literary Converts, The Good The Bad and the Beautiful and many many more.

  • We are all going to die, we will all be judged, the only thing that is not determined is if we go to Heaven or Hell.
  • He can take young and old and we need to be alive and awake that the end of the world is whenever we die. 
  • We must not be gloomy about thinking about our death b/c we were meant to be in Heaven with Him.
  • Would you add anyone to the book of Literary Catholics if you had to rewrite that book?

HEADLINE: Unsung Heroes of Christendom by Joseph Pearce 

HEADLINE: The Unsung St. Nicholas by Joseph Pearce 

  • The unsung St. Nicholas is not the St. Nick who is sung about in countless Christmas-related popular songs but a lesser-known St. Nick who is hardly sung about at all. This is St. Nicholas Owen, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales canonized in 1970 by Pope Paul VI.
  • It is not for any of us to refrain from singing the praises of the St. Nicholas whom everyone knows (may he pray for us), but let’s also lift our voices in praise and prayer to those who share his name and his heavenly reward but not his celebrity.
  • Blessed Nicholas Postgate, priest and humble shepherd of the moors who served his far-flung flock with the humble diligence of Chaucer’s holy Parson, pray for us.
  • Dragons exist – that is to say that evil exists. 
  • We should see the way things are in the perspective the way it should be.
  • Perfection is the goal and the perfection is the test by which we judge other things.
  • Fairyland – 
  • We are called to be as much like Jesus Christ as possible.
  • We have to know the different b/w good and evil and Fairy Tales are great for that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Carols from King’s 2016 | #11 “The Holly and the Ivy” arr. Henry Walford Davies – King’s College 

  • Looking at the world through dark glasses and not seeing the beauty.
  • Above all shadows rides the sun.
  • A Christian should never be cynical. 
  • We believe in truth.
  • We need to be skeptical however, be wise enough to see the lies and nonsense.
  • There is one that believes in truth and the other doesn’t.
  • The will to power – we no longer are subject to the truth these days.
  • We are now in self-empowerment where whatever we believe and feels good is the ‘truth’. 
  • Jesus Christ said they persecuted Me so they will persecute you.
  • History in 3 dimensions – 
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    Christmas, The Catholic Imagination And The Sin Of Cynicism Mike Church

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