Bob Malone, An mRNA Wolf In White Lab Coat’s Clothing

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SPECIAL GUEST – George Webb (check out Mike’s previous interviews with Webb)

Independent Investigative Journalist 

  • Writing a book is a great way to put things together so you don’t forget things.
  • I am in the process of updating all my books with research etc.
  • I have put 10 out in the last 2 weeks or so.

HEADLINE: George Webb’s How To Tell Your Story Before You Get Too Old by George Webb 

Dr Robert Malone update – 

  • He has been developing vaccines in the vaccine game.
  • He is developing the military counter attack to most of the vaccines.
  • He talks a good game that he is against the government intrusion when really he is being paid by the government. 
  • Vical International – 
  • He is saying he is the guy that came up w/ the insights at Salk Institute. 
  • Of course, hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake with the Moderna Pfizer patent infringement lawsuit over SpikeVax with the key beneficiary unbelievably being, Vivek Ramaswamy with his two biotech companies, Genevant, and Arbutus.
  • At Vical, Wolff and Rhodes we’re experimenting with various ways of fooling the immune system, so the genetic message being injected and gene therapy would not be attacked. They experimented with everything from no coding to lipid nano particles. fill Felgner was especially adept at realizing the commercial potential for this technology and gene therapy.

HEADLINE: Bob Malone Opens Up The Vical Murder Mystery Express by George Webb 

  • He didn’t do all this breakthrough work he was a test tube swirler and he was added to the credits just like all lab people are added.
  • It has the ability of fast countermeasure which is why it was used.
  • Before COVID he never even mentioned his mRNA work.
  • It is my observation that Dr Robert Malone was controlled opposition b/c he came out and new a lot of things about this vaccine before it really became mandatory.
  • He had side-effects before he got the vaccine sheet.
  • His problem is facts, if he would just stick to the facts he would be fine but he leaves decades out.
  • 10 years b/w the US State Dept and China – he leaves all of that out.
  • No matter how the lawsuit comes out he is ducking getting served by my attorney.
  • Vivek Ramawamy – all bio-tech companies, they all end in ‘vant’ this is all an untold story.
  • This is like telling the Trump story w/o mentioning he built hotels.
  • He made money in rare disease type drugs and was given much money by Big Pharma.
  • These are billion dollar drugs, he would buy them low…relaunch them and then sell them at a very high price.
  • The rate at which he is doing that is simply not coincidental. 
  • That is like winning the state lottery twice in 1 year.
  • QUESTION: Why did the Big Pharma bail on these drugs if they were billion dollar drugs?
  • ANSWER: Side-effects
  • You only need Jordan Walker or one person to spoil a drug testing. 
  • Genetic messaging – a fat particle the reason the woman doesn’t attack it is b/c the woman’s produces something that defends itself. 
  • Adam and Even – Genesis is pretty clear on this.
  • Genetic information inside a fat coating. 
  • America’s Backseat Doctors – 
  • Dr Simone Gold – 

HEADLINE: George Webb’s Oswald In New Orleans by George Webb 

  • Since we have a mosquito borne illness is breaking out in the unlikeliest places of Paris and the northern Lombardy section of Italy with dengue fever, I thought it might be a good time to revisit the New Orleans swamp and the bioweapons intrigue surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • I had a chance to visit the training camp location at Lake Pontchartrain several times, in my research definitely indicates that Cuban exiles were being trained here to overthrow Castro in Cuba in 1962 and 1963. The thing I didn’t expect to find was a Rockefeller Yerkes monkey lab not far away that has a long history of being involved with the testing of biological weapons. This started me on a national tour of sorts to all the Rockefeller Yerkes monkey labs, but this facility at Lake Pontchartrain was certainly the first.
  • Many accusations have been made in Haiti that human testing also occurred with mosquito vectored BioAgents since it’s very difficult to re-create the actual battlefield conditions in a laboratory. I did a lot of work on this topic in 2016 and 2017 and I will be publishing the book I wrote on that topic at a later time.

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