Bidenomics: EV Makers Go Belly Up As ‘Muricans Call-In “Uniterested”

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HEADLINE: White Knight Takes Remdesivir Bishop; Remdesivir Queen Takes White Knight by Matthew Crawford 
48m EV’s 

  • The only reason the stock went up in that company is b/c Biden mentioned it and threw Federal money at it.
  • If these companies didn’t get government subsidies, they wouldn’t make it a month.
  • This is criminal!
  • Do you see what they do with all this ‘green’ subsidy stuff?

HEADLINE: Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy, sues Foxconn by Mike Spector, Joseph White and Dietrich Knauth 

  • This stuff is happening in broad daylight now.
  • They don’t even care or try to keep it from the public anymore.
  • Shares of Lordstown tumbled 35% in trading on the Nasdaq. The company’s bankruptcy is not the first among the crop of EV startups that went public during the pandemic-era SPAC boom. But Lordstown was a high-profile member of that class because it was challenging the core of the legacy Detroit automakers’ business of high-margin pickup trucks, and because of its location.
  • Foxconn previously invested about $52.7 million in Lordstown as part of the agreement, and currently holds an 8.4% stake in the EV maker. Lordstown contends Foxconn is balking at purchasing additional shares of its stock as promised and misled the EV maker about collaborating on vehicle development plans.
  • “The bankruptcy of Lordstown signals that the days of successful EV startups is in the rear-view mirror,” said Thomas Hayes, chairman at hedge fund Great Hill Capital. “Moving forward it will be Tesla and the traditional incumbents … that will duke it out for market share.”
  • I believe this is what happened, there was never an intention to build this truck line to have them compete against the Big 3. 
  • On this day color me an Austrian Economist. 
  • This is what is called Malinvestment. 
  • Malinvestment = Austrian Business Cycle Theory and all its different frameworks, the actual definition of malinvestment is the same: an investment with high potential that loses value. However, it is important to note that a malinvestment only occurs if the loss in value is due to increased interest rates. 


HEADLINE: Cal head football coach reacts to Pac-12 departures: ‘Really kind of shocking’ by Joe Morgan 

  • Five schools chose to take another path last Friday, leaving the Pac-12 conference with just four remaining universities after the 2023-24 seasons.
  • Oregon and Washington announced their decision to join the Big Ten starting in the 2024-25 academic year, while Arizona, Arizona State and Utah will also depart the Pac-12 in the summer of 2024.
  • The conference is a UNION of UNIVERSITIES right?
  • These universities are in different states right?
  • So this is a UNION of states to some degree.
  • If they can LEAVE this Union of Universities, why can’t the states leave the current union of states then?
  • We accept this departure in all other instances but question if states can do it?
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Sudden Deaths In Athletes 

  • Will any of the people responsible for this ever be made to pay for what they have done?
1h26m AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Pence “pumping gas” commercialRemember $2 a gallon gas? Then Joe Biden became president of the US and launched his war on energy. Since that time gasoline prices are up 60%. Electricity prices are up 25%. 

  • This commercial is just hilarious in the fact it shows just how disconnected Mike Pence is.
  • The fact this went through to actual airing w/o anyone noticing the beeping in the background.
  • You know the beeping that happens when you either have to PAY or SELECT your grade of gas.
  • He has never worked a solid day in his life, he is completely oblivious to day to day normal tasks.
1h38m Back to the University Athletes Article

  • Wilcox’s comments came a few days after Washington State head coach Jake Dickert weighed in on conference realignment, wondering out loud whether TV money had ruined college football.
  • We talked about what this ‘portal’ would do to college sports.
  • THIS is what it will do, it will destroy college sports.
  • It has turned it into minor league football for the NFL.
  • “How long would it take TV money to destroy college football?’ Maybe we’re here. Maybe we’re here. To think even remotely, five years ago, the Pac-12 would be in this position, it’s unthinkable to think that we’re here today.” – Head Coach Jaek Dickert of Washington State Cougars 
  • At the end of the day it’s all about the money.
  • The honor of winning the trophy is no longer there.
  • It is all about the money they will acquire to buy the biggest, fastest, newest thing.
1h49m AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK – Massachusetts Governor Maura Healy (Dem) on Sanctuary CitiesIf they want to take on a sanctuary city designation, I think that’s great! I’ve seen it done as a statement of principle, I support that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Massachusetts Governor Maura Healy (Dem) Declaring State of Emergency over illegal immigrationClose to 5600 families are living in hotels, shelters. This is 80% higher than just one year ago, more than 20,000 people and growing every day. These numbers are b/c of a surge of immigrants into our country. The increase level of demand is not slowing down and it is unsustainable.

  • We are and will be a compassionate sanctuary state – this is what democracy gets you.
  • Why are you waiting for the Biden regime to issue work exceptions?
  • What do you need them for exactly?
  • It sounds to me like you are waiting for a check.
  • You wanted to be a sanctuary state now shut up and do that w/o asking for other states to pay for it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Windham, NH on ImmigrationWe will use all necessary state, local, federal and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.

  • This is where the term ‘wetback’ came into play.
  • A strong arm dictator will stop this.
  • What can save Mexico at this point?
  • Ask Jessie Romero this question
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HEADLINE: Comer Releases Third Bank Memo Detailing Payments to the Bidens from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine

  • Committee Staff is Releasing Payments from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine that Occurred During Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency: The Committee has now identified over $20 million in payments from foreign sources to the Biden family and their business associates.
  • Hunter Biden and Devon Archer Used Rosemont Seneca Entities to Bring in Millions from Oligarchs in Europe and Asia:  Using accounts nominally tied to Devon Archer (but using the familiar “Rosemont Seneca” branding), Hunter Biden received incremental payments originating from foreign sources, attempting to hide the source and size of the payments.
  • In Spring 2014, a Ukrainian Oligarch Placed Archer and Biden on the Burisma Board of Directors and Agreed to Pay them $1 Million Each per Year: Burisma Holdings’ (Burisma) corporate secretary, Vadym Pozharsky, worked on behalf of the Ukrainian oligarch and owner of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky. Hunter Biden was initially hired by Burisma to work as counsel for the company, and Pozharsky and Zlochevsky met with Hunter Biden at a conference in Lake Como in Italy where they decided Hunter Biden would work on the board of directors with Devon Archer. Then-Vice President Joe Biden visited Ukraine soon after their first payments. Payments from Burisma for both Devon Archer and Hunter Biden were wired to Rosemont Seneca Bohai.  Payments were transmitted in incremental amounts to Hunter Biden’s different bank accounts.
  • In April 2014, a Kazakhstani Oligarch Wired the Exact Price of Biden’s Sportscar to a Bank Account Used by Archer and Biden: In February 2014, Hunter Biden met with Kenes Rakishev at a Washington, D.C. hotel. Rakishev worked closely with the prime minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov. In April, Rakishev, a Kazakhstani oligarch, wired $142,300 to Rosemont Seneca Bohai. The next day, a payment was made from Rosemont Seneca Bohai for a sportscar for Hunter Biden in the amount of $142,300.  Archer and Biden then arranged for Burisma executives to visit Kazakhstan in June 2014 to evaluate a three-way deal among Burisma, a Chinese state-owned company, and the government of Kazakhstan.
  • So baby boy Hunter wanted a new car and the Big Guy arranged a deal w/ the oligarchs to send money and so the very NEXT day Baby Boy Hunter got his car.
  • No real services were provided.
  • If there is any justice in the world Biden will go down for this.

























Frank Wright

Follow Frank on Twitter – @frankwrighter

  • Everyone has known about this for years.
  • This has been an open secret if you were.
  • The truth of the matter is it is deeply crooked and he convicts himself by his own words.
  • It is important to remember and not surrender the fact this should be punished.
  • We are being conditioned to react as if this is normal and we know it isn’t.
  • Long term involvement in Ukraine – 
  • It is only a matter of time for them to really nail Hunter Biden and subsequently Joe b/c his son is a drugged up addict and didn’t cover his tracks very well.
  • I predict a call will be made “we have the receipt Mr President you need to resign”. 
  • The Democrats have a problem b/c Kamala simply can’t be President.
  • Wag The Dog film – 
  • This anti-West sentiment, the Africans have turned away from this and we have pushed them into the hands of the Russians.
  • Putin forgave millions in debt that Africa owed and then said in addition I will give you 50 tons of grain free of charge.

HEADLINE: Texas woman attacked by hawk after snake falls out of sky, lands on her by Rebecca Salinas 

HEADLINE: World War Weird Part One – A Strategy of Tension by Frank Wright

  • What  has happened to the West? Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has undergone a kind of metamorphosis. Peerless and without restraint, it enjoyed a moment in history of unchallengeable power. This unexpected win resulted not in a golden age, but in a cycle of loss from which there seems to be no escape.
  • This is supposed to be the peace divided – well we never got it!
  • In 2011 Qaddafi warns France: If I go down, you will be flooded w/ “millions of blacks”
  • The argument from justice is used to defend the influx of millions of young men with few skills and little love to offer their new hosts. Their numbers swell an underclass whose low expectations serve to terrorise the native working population with a vertiginous threat.
  • It traumatizes entire populations!
  • To go bomb peoples nations and destroy them simply b/c you can is horrible and it is pure evil.

HEADLINE: Androids and Electric Sheep: The Strange Case of Erica Marsh by Frank Wright

  • There is a motive behind the movement of people by mass media, and it is clearly one which serves the interests of power and profit. BlackRock is in the business of chaos, and it is with a weary absence of surprise that it is once more with them that another sordid story ends.
  • The making of belief is another technique, constantly refined, to produce a standard result. It is a model which seeks to profit from the manufacture of enormous loss – of God, of sanity, of society and its order. It is financed and advanced by the world’s richest, whose aim is the permanent exclusion of the popular voice from political power.
  • Chaos – there is actually a chaos that does what you describe here w/ Erica Marsh.
  • The solution isn’t more laws it’s more prayers and holiness. 
HEADLINE: People in Hawaii flee into ocean to escape wildfires that are burning a popular Maui tourist town by Jennifer Since Kelleher
AUDIO/VIDEO: Grady Trimble on Electric Car Issues ProterraPresident Biden celebrated investments in green energy today, but he made no mention of the electric vehicle company he promoted not that long ago which is now filing for bankruptcy.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr James Thorp obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist w/ Dr Naomi Wolf90 days after the COVID rollout, Pfizer knew of 1223 deaths and horrible obstetrical data. What we are seeing now that same horrible obstetrical data w/ fetal cardiac anomalies, malformations, early fetal death, more newborns going to the NICU and abnormalities of the placenta.
Prayer Request – 

Dr Robert Hickson 

Janet and her family

HEADLINE: Anheuser-Busch Now Being Forced To Sell Off Several Beer Brands by Andrew Powell 
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    Bidenomics: EV Makers Go Belly Up As ‘Muricans Call-In “Uniterested” Mike Church

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