Mike Church Show-Today Is The Day Before Biden Launches MAGANet, Enjoy

Mike Church Show-Today Is The Day Before Biden Launches MAGANet, Enjoy

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HEADLINE: Donald Trump will soon be indicted. Here’s why.. by Judge Napolitano 

  • It doesn’t matter what was actually in those documents.
  • They want to indict him not for possessing the materials they are going to charge him for a crime that doesn’t have to have proof.
  • There is only one sentence in the document that matters in this case.
  • The ‘judge’ was a magistrate and NOT a Federal judge.
  • Donald Trump’s ego is going to get him burned.
  • MTG – the swatting incidents – maybe that was all part of the plan.
  • They are going to use the NDA or the Patriot Act to take out American citizens.
  • This isn’t a dress rehearsal, Biden will be on TV tonight to address extremist political opponents. 
  • The DOJ must prove the following things: 
  1. is that Trump knew that he had the documents
  2. is that the documents actually do contain national defense information 
  3. is that Trump put these documents into the hands of those not authorized to hold them and stored them in a non-federally secured place

QUESTION: Where is the ONE place that Donald could flee to?

ANSWER: Russia b/c Putin will have his back

  • If you were President Trump knowing what is about to transpire, what would you do?
  • The problem here is I belive his intentions are good.
  • They have nurtured all of us once they get him in cuffs.
  • The ‘Good Catholics’ have paved the way for such atrocities to occur. 
  HEADLINE: Thousands of Xcel customers locked out of thermostats during ‘energy emergency’ by Jaclyn Allen 

  • Xcel confirmed to Contact Denver7 that 22,000 customers who had signed up for the Colorado AC Rewards program were locked out of their smart thermostats for hours on Tuesday.
  • You see – they dangled that USURY carrot in front of people and they bought into it, now they reap the consequences of that action.
  • Wait until something like this happens in WINTER.
1h02m HEADLINE: Biden giving political prime-time speech to address ‘extremist threat’ by MAGA Republicans by Brett Samuels 

  • This is one of the greater indicators that the GOP leaders know what is about to happen.
  • They have been warned not to interfere or agitate the situation.
  • They don’t even do this sort of stuff in the UK.
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  The Terminator Movie 

  • What happens in this movie?
  • The Terminator is sent back into the future to abort John Connor.
  • Why? Because John Connor saves the human race in the future.
  • The initials JC (Jesus Christ)
  • QUESTION: Who did Sarah give birth to? 
  • ANSWER: Isaac 
  • Of course the director/writer didn’t do this on purpose b/c he is bat poop crazy. 
1h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing 

a. ReporterWhen it comes to voters, how does the president differentiate b/w the Ultra-MAGA and the average GOP?

Jean-Pierre – the extremist part of the GOP, the leaders, those are the people being listened to.

b. ReporterBiden ran on unity and now he is out there calling MAGA semi-fascists, does the WH agree this isn’t unifying language?

Jean-Pierre – GOP leaders have posted images of them attacking the president.

c. Jean-Pierre Biden thinks MAGA Rep are an extreme threat to our democracy and they just don’t respect the rule of law.

AUDIO/VIDEO: MSM – Threat To Our Democracy Montage 

1h40m  HEADLINE: A proclamation on the suspension of habeas corpus, 1862 via Gilderlehrman – Primary Source by Abraham Lincoln

  • This is why the ‘trial’ of January 6th people had to occur.
  • What a time to live in when Make America Great Again is now a threat to our democracy!
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES: The suspension of habeas corpus was one of Lincoln’s most controversial decisions. In the spring of 1863, General Ambrose Burnside arrested Peace Democrat Clement Vallandigham, who had been critical of the US government, and banned publication of the Chicago Times, which was supportive of Vallandigham. Burnside’s actions drew widespread criticism, to which Lincoln responded by reducing Vallandigham’s sentence and revoking Burnside’s order suppressing the Times. Lincoln defended himself against charges that his administration had subverted the Constitution, however, arguing that acts that might be illegal in peacetime might be necessary “in cases of rebellion,” when the nation’s survival was at stake.
  • QUESTION: Who are they waging war against exactly?
  • QUESTION: How is a Rebellion declared?
  HEADLINE: Sarah Palin Loses Special Election to Fill Alaska House Seat by Mimi Nguyen Ly
  HEADLINE: Kroger ‘Allyship Guide’ Tells Employees to Celebrate Trans Holidays, Support Bail Fund by Spencer Lindquist 

  • The handouts even state they will be ‘continually updated as new pronouns are invented’.
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   MAGA – New Target of the Biden Regime

  • They want the FULL DESTRUCTION of all things Donald Trump.
  • All the people that elected this stooge, none of this is going to happen.
  • This is all going to end in tears.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: UK PM Boris Johnson advises Britains to“buy a new kettle and save £10 a year on your electricity bill” amid skyrocketing power prices.

  • So he is basically saying, it’s okay, we know you are going to freeze but go buy a new energy efficient kettle.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Annalena Baerbock German FMI will put Ukraine first no matter what my German voters think or how hard their life gets. 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Global Walkout – They Can’t Ignore This 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: The President of WPATH Marci Bowers (transgender doctor that has performed over 2,3000 M to F surgeries)NONE of the boys who started puberty blocker at the onset of puberty have ever been able to have an orgasm as an adult.
3h04m AUDIO/VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson author of The Case for TrumpAmericans are gullible and explains just how much using Jussie Smollett incident.
  Will Schryver Twitter @imetatronink 

  • The AFU clown show in southern Ukraine scales new heights. In arguably the most embarrassing debacle of the war yet for Ukraine, they apparently permitted themselves to attempt an MI6-designed and directed commando operation to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. 
  • The would-be commandos, 64 in number, recently “trained” in the UK, set out across the Kakhovskoye reservoir in seven high-speed boats, landed on the opposite shore 3 km from the NPP, where they were immediately met by a Russian ambush. 
  • Apparently Russian intelligence was fully aware of their plans and had monitored the debutante commandos from the time they left Poland to pursue their ostensibly glorious operation – allegedly advocated by the corpulent Boris Johnson himself in his recent visit to Kiev. 
  • Of the 64 “commandos”, at least 47 are now dead, a few wounded, and a dozen trapped with no means of escape, all seven of their boats having been destroyed. 
  • The entire undertaking has been an unmitigated amateurish disaster.


HEADLINE: A Non-Essential Economy by Michael Warren Davis 

  • Where did the labor shortage come from?
  • According to the numbers from the labor department we are back to pre-COVID numbers.
  • Essential vs Non-Essential 
  • There are over two million missing workers in the United States today.
  • Wagie wagie get in cagie. All day long you sweat and ragie. NEET is comfy. NEET is cool. NEET is free from work and school. Wagie trapped and wagie dies. NEET eats tendies, sauce, and fries.
  • This is by design that the middle class business owners can now find no one to help them. 
  • Those employees that were told by the government they were non-essential just decided NOT to go back to their non-essential job.
  • Quiet Quitting = you’re not outright quitting your job, but you’re quitting the idea of going above and beyond. You are still performing your duties, but you are no longer subscribing to the hustle-culture mentally that work has to be our life
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