Mike Church Show-Father’s Day Should Put An End to All “Pride Celebrations!”

Mike Church Show-Father’s Day Should Put An End to All “Pride Celebrations!”

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27m HEADLINE: America’s belief in God hits new low by 

REM had a song called Losing My Religion – it is about cursing.

  • When they were young boys, if one of their friends used a curse word, it was said he was ‘losing his religion’. 
  • 81% of U.S. adults say they believe in God — down 6 points from 2017  
  • 62% of liberals, 68% of young adults and 72% of Democrats say they believe in God. These groups experienced the largest declines in beliefs. 
  • Belief in God is highest among political conservatives, with 94% saying they believe in God, and Republicans, with 92% saying so.
  • Here is the rub – the ruling class claims to ‘believe in God’.
  • QUESTION: Why do we have a Guild?
  • The one thing everyone should agree upon, The Creator, they don’t.
  • You cannot make common ground w/ these people.
  HEADLINE: Nancy Pelosi called the political firestorm over abortion access something “uniquely American.”  by Anthony Adragna 

AUDIO in the story

  • She’s gone all in on heresy. 
  • What she said here is now a serious scandal!
  • It would be extremely rare for a Holy Father in 8 years, unless there was a war or something like that going on, he wouldn’t say or write anything for ALL Catholics to know!
  TKD discusses Catholic entities going after other Catholics – 

  • This may be why we are seeing the drastic decline in people believing in God.
  • They see how Catholics treat ‘fellow’ Catholics.
  • Mountain Arts Pottery in Montana – forming a pottery Guild 
  Pride Month – 

Capitalism gave us Pride Month – so is it still good?

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  BREAKING NEWS: NEW: Russian Rouble extends gains on Moscow Exchange, firms to 55.05 vs US Dollar, it’s strongest level since July 2015. Rouble, according to Reuters, is the world’s best-performing currency this year.

  • The WH right now is wondering how to impose more sanctions against Russia right now.
  • The Russians never stopped manufacturing unlike the US.
  • The Russians make pretty much most of what they consume.
  • The US does not.

HEADLINE: It’s hard to swallow, but the West must accept that Putin will win by Donald Forbes 



HEADLINE: Buttigieg’s flight gets cancelled, so he threatens to essentially nationalize airlines and “force” them to hire more workers by Jenna Curren

  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced that the federal government may move forward and take action against U.S. airlines on behalf of customers, stating that the feds have the power to “force” airlines to hire more workers.  
  • “This is happening to a lot of people and that is exactly why we are paying close attention here to what can be done and how to make sure that the airlines are delivering.”
1h28m  HEADLINE: Woman ‘has HEART ATTACK’ rushing for gate change at Charlotte-Douglas Airport as cancelations and delays see passengers stuck on planes and children forced to sleep on filthy floors – with 200 Monday flights axed already by Natasha Anderson, Melissa Koenig and Ronny Reyes 

  • The airlines are still overbooking even though they don’t have the employees available to execute those flights.
  • There is a 10-15% chance they are going to cancel the flights they list as available.
  • So Pete Buttigieg may have a point here.
  • Did you know the airlines pay very little ‘rent’ to airports to dock and load their planes?
  • When we, Maggie and myself, landed in Germany, we landed about a mile away from the terminal. We walked down the steps, waited for a terminal bus to come and get us. 
  • Now we have these things called Jet Ways that even have a/c.


AUDIO/VIDEO: VP Kamala HarrisThere’s nothing about abortion that requires anyone to change their faith.

  • So why do they keep reiterating abortion isn’t wrong or bad or evil?
  • Because it is a billion dollar industry!
  • You get 2 hits in one on the abortion issue.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Economic Advisor Brian Deese The president’s policy has always been a transition – a transition to clean energy. 



HEADLINE: Germany’s Climate Protection Minister Mandates More Coal to Produce Electricity by Mish Shedlock

  • Robert Habeck, Germany’s Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, seeks to reduce natural gas consumption by using coal.
  • In other words there will be Germans that will freeze to death this coming winter.
  • All because the German government wants electric vehicles. 
  • Whatever battery powered nonsense comes up in conversation, whip our your piece of coal.
  • They all hate coal until it is 108 degrees or it’s 11 degrees and the heat pump isn’t working.
  • SIDE BAR: Working on 2004 Saturn VUE
  • In other words – Germany got all it wanted from Russia now, they aren’t b/c Putin has forced them to pay in Rubles.
  • So they are only getting 40% of what they normally get.
  • It takes more German money to buy w/ Rubles b/c their money is super inflated like the United States.
   HEADLINE: House Republicans accuse Rep. Adam Schiff of allowing Colbert staff into Capitol by John Levine 

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 Corpus Christi Processions – 

Father Wolfe Sunday Sermon on Crusade Channel – the story about the real presence – an evil person or someone that deals w/ evil things will be able to point out a Consecrated Host – but a devout Catholic won’t be able to tell the difference. 

QUESTION: Why is that? Doesn’t that seem backwards?

Consecrated Host Substance (the actual being) is changed while the accidents (that part of the being that makes a being what it is) stays the same. 

9 accidents: Quantity, Quality, Relation,Time, Location, Possession

The Witch Test = they place several hosts on a table w/ only ONE consecrated Host. The ‘witch’ must pick out the Consecrated Host.

ANSWER: The demonically inspired know when Jesus is present.

   HEADLINE: Study Shows Importance Of Fathers by John Hirschauer 

FROM THE ARTICLE: More than 20 percent of the men in the sample group who were raised without a biological father in the home had been incarcerated by the ages of 28 through 34. For men in the sample who grew up with their father in the home, however, that figure was 10 percent. 

In 1960, 17 percent of boys lived apart from their biological father; today, that figure is 32 percent, meaning 12 million boys in the United States are growing up without their biological fathers.

  • This isn’t ground breaking or a change in ‘science’.
  • We knew this, most people w/ critical thinking skills knew this.
  HEADLINE: Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity! by Chief Nerd via Rumble

  • Why do we continue to follow along w/ this obvious hoax?
  • This is medical malpractice happening right before our very eyes.

HEADLINE: The Spectator COVID data tracker. Updated daily

3h12m  HEADLINE: January 6: The show trial, the movie…and Liz Cheney’s dyspepsia by Michael Lesher 

FROM THE ARTICLE: That’s what you need to remember whenever you happen to watch a rerun of the January 6 committee’s “multimedia experience”: this process isn’t over. It has only begun. And it isn’t just about some unruly Trump supporters. It’s about you.






AUDIO/VIDEO: WATCH: Gun grabbing, RINO Senator JOHN CORNYN BOOED at the Republican Party of Texas Convention.


  • Even in Texas the elections are rigged.


  • We have a 2-tier system in Louisiana.
  • The LA caucus voted soundly for Ron Paul back in the day.
  • Do you know those crap-heads went in and voted the OPPOSITE way we voted!!!

HEADLINE: Ron Paul supporters dominate Louisiana’s Republican presidential caucuses by Jonathan Tilove 

Once Ron Paul solidified the Louisiana caucus votes this came out: “The result of this ill-conceived and confusing caucus clearly does not represent the will of the vast majority of Louisiana Republican voters, as Ron Paul recently received only 6 percent of the vote in the Louisiana presidential primary,” said Roy, who on behalf of her organization called for the state party’s leaders to resign for designing Saturday’s “debacle.”

  • This is just like thinking you can change the public schools by doing any kind of change to the school boards.
  • It just isn’t going to work that way.
  • Voting only ensures THEIR power.
  • There is no point in pouring your resources and graces into this broken system.
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