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HEADLINE: Mother of slain comedian: My son wasn’t safe in New Orleans. Nobody is. by Sherilyn Price 

  • This young man was performing an act of charity.
  • He went to the grocery store so his grandmother wouldn’t have to get out in the cold, went to the grocery store for her.
  • While in the parking lot this young man was shot and killed by a stray bullet.
  • This young man was doing a good dead for his grandmother and was killed just for being near these thugs.
  • This stuff happens in 3rd world countries, not in America.
  • We discussed community here on the show yesterday.
  • Robert Nisbet The Quest for Community – 
  • This woman is spot on w/ this statement:  We prioritize tourism, businesses, sports teams. We’re not protected by the Saints. We’re not protected by hoteliers. And, clearly, we’re not protected by the people we’ve chosen to protect us.
  • This is sadly the norm for ALL cities and states when it comes to professional sports.
  • This happens in Georgia, California and other states.
  • We have now made evil things appear to be good, like gambling. 
  • “There is nothing wrong w/ gambling.”
  • Why do people gamble?
  • They have $100 but they want $200 right?
  • They are pursuing more wealth…MONEY wealth. 


Pfizer and the COVID Vaccines

  • There are these things called funerals and wakes perhaps you’ve heard of them.
  • Family members tend to notice these things.
  • When people have to attend a large number of them, people start to notice.
  • The only way to cover it up is to increase death all over the world w/ other things.
  • Like the Ukraine war.
  • You think these people will perp walk themselves? 
  • Most of these COVID facsists were just little quiet nerds until they realized they HAD THE POWER!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jacinda Ardern PM of New Zealand resigned suddenlyToday I am announcing that I will not be seeking reelection. My term will end no later than the 7th of February. 

  • She is one of Klaus Schwab’s brain children.
  • She is one of them, so why is she suddenly resigning?
1h02m AUDIO/VIDEO: David Brody interviews Donald Trump on COVID vaccine safetyYou have many reports that say the vaccines saved tens of million of lives and w/o the vaccines you would have had a thing like we had in 1917.
  HEADLINE: MP Andrew Bridgen, UK Folk Hero Under Attack, Tweets Out That Japan May Suspend Vaccines: Clip Shows Forensic MD Stating That Bodies Who Dies After Shots Had Way Higher Body Temperatures Than Normal by Celia Farber 
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HEADLINE: Facebook, Instagram Lift Breast Ban – But Only for Trans, Nonbinary Users by Ari Blaff

  • So the parts that God Himself provided women and men w/ you can’t show on social media but the man-made parts you can show?
  • Do you see just how messed up this is? 
  • “The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman, but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary. The Board also notes additional nipple-related exceptions based on contexts of protest, birth giving, after birth and breastfeeding which it did not examine here,” the board said in a Tuesday statement explaining its ruling.
  • So the cisgender woman is the ‘bad’ and the fake woman is good?
  • META – Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity Community Standard


Special Guest Composer Michael Kurek 

Website –

Author of the Sound of Music 

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Newest CD – Symphony No 2 Tales From The Realm of Faerie & other works

  • Are you a music lover? 
  • There are only 2 kinds of music, good & bad. We’ve moved from good music to music that is vulgar, all similar sounding & have an angry feel to them.
  • Members get to vote on the record of the year.
  • Performance, song writer of the year and record of the year.
  • Record of the year is the BIG one.
  • All 5 that they gave me to vote on were all pornographic.
  • And this is what they offer to us each and every year.
  • These people are selling in the billions.
  • Billboard #1 Classical CD and I made $36.
  • But WAP – won’t say what that stands for made MILLIONS.
  • Tales from the Realm of Fairies – CS Lewis and Tolkein inspired.
  • Contemporary Classical Music is now like abstract art.
  • I wanted to invoke that feeling of early childhood of wonder that we lose as we get older.
  • A Fairytale is not designed to make you think, it is designed to awaken things within you.
  • My goal was clarity and functionality – sometimes they are just too high and it takes away from the beauty of the music.
  • It is a spiritual responsibility it isn’t just writing fun music at that point.
  • I prayed so much for the inspiration and reflection and help to do what you call text setting.
  • Sad or glorious in an instant, let the text dictate the notes to you!
  • I don’t know where this music comes from b/c I couldn’t write anything this beautiful.
  • I hear it play in my head and then I have to write it down immediately or I go crazy!
  • For a composer it is a crucial skill but that isn’t what matters b/c that is a skill that can be taught and learned.
  • Classical music is best heard when you give it your full attention. 
  • If you think of Tolkein it is a sanctified imagination. 
  • We take the stuff HE has made and we make our own art in response to His Divine inspiration.
  • I am the official composer lariat of the state of Tennessee. 
  • There are 4 states w/ that position but they are all currently empty.
  • I had to interview w/ a committee and it is a law not a proclamation! 
  • It is quite an honor in that sense but it is all a mystery to me how it all happened. 
  • It is a blessing to have you part of our family here at the Crusade Channel.
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Special Guest Frank Wright

Follow Frank on Twitter 

HEADLINE: TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here’s What We Found. by Mia Cathell 

  • The TownHall story about the sodomite couple that were raping and selling their adopted children to other sodomites nearby. 

WEF – 

  • Zelensky appearing at WEF – He is an actor.
  • He is great at reading what others have written for him to say.
  • This proxy war isn’t going the way he and we were told it was supposed to go.
  • We were told Russia would collapse and regime change would happen after their collapse.
  • NONE of this has happened.
  • I would ask the question where have the Ukrainian tanks gone that they are asking for more tanks.
  • So the MSM is telling us Putin is dying and the Ukrainians are winning but winners don’t have to beg and plead for more tanks.
  • This doesn’t make sense to anyone w/ a brain.
  • The war on the ground is not going the way the MSM is claiming it is.
  • I will tell you all, my loyal followers, what happened today in Brovary. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine had long been aware that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense was trading Western arms, which came to Ukraine in the form of aid, for the benefit of third countries, and that this process was overseen directly by the head of the GUR, Budanov. By the way, this information has already surfaced somewhere.
  • The leadership of the Interior Ministry wanted their share and began collecting data through their structural units, which are associated with intelligence and surveillance. As a result, they managed to obtain evidence and began blackmailing. The military bosses promised a share to the police leadership, and the first tranche was paid. But it was pointless and unprofitable to pay any further.
  • In addition, the insolence of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who had his head in the wrong place, was putting the military leadership under strain. And now the day had come when the kids from the GUR were able to demonstrate their skills. But that is not all. The sanction for this was given personally by Yermak, who is also in on the secret from the supreme narcissistic clown, Zelensky. from Hacker DPR

HEADLINE: Russia posts record current account surplus by RT 

Zuckerburg and Facebook 


HEADLINE: Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project by WIRED 

  • LifeLog’s backers said the all-encompassing diary could have turned into a near-perfect digital memory, giving its users computerized assistants with an almost flawless recall of what they had done in the past. But civil libertarians immediately pounced on the project when it debuted last spring, arguing that LifeLog could become the ultimate tool for profiling potential enemies of the state.

HEADLINE: The Posthuman Future by Frank Wright 

National Debt

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Gov Ron DeSantis on China buying farmlandThis is a very serious threat to our country. Why would we want them to have even more influence over American society than they already do?


Brian Kemp and the CCP

HEADLINE: Two Big Scandals Struck Brian Kemp This Week by Emerald Robinson

  • Why did our American politicians go all the way to Davos to bitch and complain about what our government is doing?
  • Why wouldn’t they just go here and bitch to our own government?
  • You heard – who put you back in business?
  • That is what he asked.
  • Implying the purpose of American government is for business.
  • Chief Arborist – one in each county
  • You can actually call them and ask them what grows best in your area.
  HEADLINE: Bank of America customers fume over negative balances, missing Zelle cash by Ariel Zilber 
  HEADLINE: Why the Fed Is Bankrupt and Why That Means More Inflation by Ryan McMaken 
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