Choose, Play, Save The Free World, Announcing: CRUSADE Max

PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE CRUSADE CHANNEL ANNOUNCES THE SOFT LAUNCH OF ITS NEW “CRUSADE MAX” STREAMING SERVICE! Choose, Play, Save The Free World! 04 March, 2023 - The CRUSADE Channel-Talk Radio The Way It Should Be, has announced its new Podcast Streaming Service: CRUSADE MAX featuring many  Crusade Channel Radio Series like The Mike Church Show, Reconquest & Mike Parrott’s ParrotTalk but that’s just the beginning.  CRUSADE MAX is your home for Original Max Series and has something for all men of Good Will, like the all new “I’m Only Catholic”, “5 Minute Mysteries”, “The New Christendom Daily”, “Gregory Carpenter’s Reverse Deception” and so much more. CRUSADE MAX also features a history and education section containing the world’s most important Speeches! This includes speeches from Ronald Reagan, JFK and Patrick J. Buchanan to name a few. “In […]

Reconquest Episode 364: What Is the Point of Lent? Guest: Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M.

Episode 364 debuts on February 22, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Rebroadcasts will take place according to the Crusade Channel programming schedule (note: all times listed are Central time). The topic is What Is the Point of Lent? My guest is Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. Let Us Do Penance — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at  Guilt Transformed, Some Lenten Thoughts — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., Hitting the High Notes in Lent and in Life — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at This Lent, Keep the Big Picture in Mind — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at  Suggestions for a Good Lent — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at  Lenten Transfiguration — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at  Happy Mid-Lent Thursday! — by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., at  Second Sunday of Lent — by […]

The Definitive Catholic Guide To Fasting And Abstinence During Lent With Matthew Plese

Special Guest Matthew R Plese Author of The Definitive Guide to Catholic Fasting and Abstinence  The Fellowship of St. Nicholas – a joint venture with him, Timothy Flanders and Sensus Fidelium HEADLINE: ANNOUNCEMENT: New Trad Fasting Sodality by Matthew Plese  Fasting is a weapon in which keeps the Devil away. The more you fast the closer your Guardian Angel is to you. Annual Fasting Calendar – 2023 Traditional Catholic Fasting and Abstinence Calendar Eucharistic Fasting –  1953 and then again in 1957 – this was changed Just because these practices were done away with, doesn’t mean devout Catholics can’t do this type of fasting our fore fathers did. Telegram Group – The Fellowship of St Nicholas Lent is a badge of Christian Honor  1741 Pope Benedict the 14th – What was going on that was taxing the daily life of someone in Christendom.  There was […]

The Damage Is Done: The Dioxin Spill In Palestine, Ohio Should Be The Catalyst To Change Our Plastic Addictive Ways

Free Farm FridayFarmer Brian K from Texas Farmer Dan M from New Jersey Myer’s Farm in the 70’s they bought property to homestead on and it was a facility that made ammunitions for WWI. That cloud went right over my farm here in New Jersey. The pigs got loose almost like they were trying to get away from it. I’m not happy about it at all but there was nothing I could or can do about it. Because the MSM has told everyone not to be concerned about i San Jacinto Waste Pit –  HEADLINE: Dioxins via Illinois Department of Public Health  Freshwater fish such as carp, catfish or buffalo fish that feed on microscopic plants and animals could ingest dioxins present in the sediment. They are often eaten by larger animals, and the dioxins get into their body fat. […]

Reconquest Episode 363: Expanding on Saint Thomas’ Fifth Way

Episode 363 debuts on February 15, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Rebroadcasts will take place according to the Crusade Channel programming schedule (note: all times listed are Central time). The topic is Expanding on Saint Thomas’ Fifth Way. Michael Sheehan (Archbishoph of Germia) — at Summa Theologiae Question 2. The existence of God, Article 3. Whether God exists? — by Saint Thomas Aquinas at Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine — book by The Most Rev. M. Sheehan, D.D., at Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine — at Anonymous, God as Architect, public domain, via wikimedia commons “Reconquest” is a militant, engaging, and informative Catholic radio program featuring interviews with interesting guests as well as commentary by your host. It is a radio-journalistic extension of the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center. Each weekly, one-hour episode of Reconquest will debut RIGHT HERE on Wednesday night […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Can You Apply Medieval Holy Practices To Modern Life? Yes You Can with Brother Andre Marie

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre There is nothing in the Rubric that says what the laity should do in the pew period. It mentions what servers do to a degree but mostly what the Priest is to do. There is a presumption but commentators have to fill-in blanks  Orans positions isn’t traditional in the Western Rite, it is done more in Eastern. It is not novelty w/ places they are practiced.  The ‘choir loft’ is also a Protestant thing, not a Catholic thing. There are just customs and customs are different in different regions. That is the way it is and the way it was. So there may be a custom to show reverence to your Priest in your community.  That’s fine there […]

Mike Church Show Interview-How Big Pharma Makes And Releases Big Viruses For Big Profits with Indy Journalist George Webb

SPECIAL GUEST  George Webb  Author and Citizen Journalist  You were coving this at the beginning of the Corona Doom.  We never bought it for a second. Gretchen Whitmer – she was lockdown Queen and we have a a lot of listeners there and they despise her. She said you couldn’t go on your yacht in Michigan during the summer. You couldn’t go to your cabin b/c you weren’t social distancing but her husband went camping and on his boat.  I can see the dynamics here and you just have to play ball or else. We outlined this group in Ukraine that was doing a lot of weird stuff w/ bioagents and he was in Hong Kong spraying people w/ something. We saw all kinds of people at the highest level doing weird things.  The super spreader event – NATO, DARPA […]

CRUSADE MAX is The CRUSADE Channel’s Podcast Streaming service featuring most Crusade Channel series like The Mike Church Show, Reconquest & ParrotTalk plus Periodicals The New Christendom Daily among many others. The service includes thousands of Radio Classics spanning every genre from Art Bell classics to Sci-Fi & Westerns from radio’s golden age. Read Our Mission Statement and Press Release, here.

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