What Does Glen Campbell, The Mamas & Pappas & The Catholic Mass Have In Common!? With Michael Kurek

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Special Guest Composer Michael Kurek 
Website –
Author of the Sound of Music 

Order Michael’s Book The Sound of Beauty in The Founders Tradin’ Post!

Newest CD – Symphony No 2 Tales From The Realm of Faerie & other works

  • Are you a music lover? 
  • There are only 2 kinds of music, good & bad. We’ve moved from good music to music that is vulgar, all similar sounding & have an angry feel to them.
  • Members get to vote on the record of the year.
  • Performance, song writer of the year and record of the year.
  • Record of the year is the BIG one.
  • All 5 that they gave me to vote on were all pornographic.
  • And this is what they offer to us each and every year.
  • These people are selling in the billions.
  • Billboard #1 Classical CD and I made $36.
  • But WAP – won’t say what that stands for made MILLIONS.
  • Tales from the Realm of Fairies – CS Lewis and Tolkein inspired.
  • Contemporary Classical Music is now like abstract art.
  • I wanted to invoke that feeling of early childhood of wonder that we lose as we get older.
  • A Fairytale is not designed to make you think, it is designed to awaken things within you.
  • My goal was clarity and functionality – sometimes they are just too high and it takes away from the beauty of the music.
  • It is a spiritual responsibility it isn’t just writing fun music at that point.
  • I prayed so much for the inspiration and reflection and help to do what you call text setting.
  • Sad or glorious in an instant, let the text dictate the notes to you!
  • I don’t know where this music comes from b/c I couldn’t write anything this beautiful.
  • I hear it play in my head and then I have to write it down immediately or I go crazy!
  • For a composer it is a crucial skill but that isn’t what matters b/c that is a skill that can be taught and learned.
  • Classical music is best heard when you give it your full attention. 
  • If you think of Tolkein it is a sanctified imagination. 
  • We take the stuff HE has made and we make our own art in response to His Divine inspiration.
  • I am the official composer lariat of the state of Tennessee. 
  • There are 4 states w/ that position but they are all currently empty.
  • I had to interview w/ a committee and it is a law not a proclamation! 
  • It is quite an honor in that sense but it is all a mystery to me how it all happened. 
  • It is a blessing to have you part of our family here at the Crusade Channel.

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