The Mike Church Show-Crowder Is Right- The Benfather And Conservatism Inc. Are Not Your Friends

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Steven Crowder vs The Ben Father

  • We’ve been living this but Crowder is just now realizing what the MSM beast is all about.
  • They all hate Congressman Paul, that is how you can tell. 
  • Who else dared cross Conservative Inc?
  • Debra Medina – Glenn Beck single handedly sunk her.
  • This is an easy one for us b/c of our experience and what we have seen.
  • Crowder is making these videos w/ still shots of what The Ben Father wanted him to sign.
  • They are trying to do to him what Ray Kroc did to the McDonald Brothers.
  • The Founder – the movie TKD is talking about now.
  • The McDonald Brothers died w/o being able to use their own name publicly? 
  • They signed away the right to their own names.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Steven CrowderThe Conservative media is at odds w/ what’s best for you and this country. We thought we were genuinely taking it to big tech. 

  • TKD tells story about friend who was asked to be w/ Daily Wire and the Ben Father – 
  • Denise McAllister – she was hounded and blacklisted b/c the Ben Father.
  • She hasn’t become Catholic yet but she is right there.
  • She saw Ben Shapiro cloth himself w/ LGBTQ and marriage stuff.
  • She refused to edit her stuff and was immediately dismissed. 

HEADLINE: Writer who became famous when Meghan McCain tweeted ‘You were at my wedding Denise’ in response to criticism is FIRED from the Federalist after making homophobic comments towards HuffPost writer Yashar Ali by Stephanie Haney 


  • I’ve reached out to them before and haven’t heard back from them.

HEADLINE: Right-Wing Pundits Ben Shapiro And Steven Crowder Clash Over $50 Million Media Deal by Carlie Porterfield 

  • There are so few people in the world even know a film was made that actually showed the reasons and what was discussed and why of this thing called The Federal Convention.
  • Judge Napolitano is the only FOX person that said anything about it.
  • This is how it works.

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